The 29th Annual CITIC CLSA Flagship Investors’ Forum Opens Today


Hong Kong – 13 September 2022: The 29th Annual CITIC CLSA Flagship Investors’ Forum opens today with 3,000+ delegates from 36 countries in attendance, including 2,000+ global institutional investors and around 500 corporate executives. Our four-day virtual conference will provide unrivalled corporate access through 1,500+ one-on-one and group meetings on CLSA’s bespoke Forum platform. This year, Asia’s premier and longest-running Investor Forum dives into four key themes: Geopolitics and macro strategy, Trade systems and supply chains, Innovation and disruption and ESG realities.

A stellar lineup of keynote speakers, industry experts and award-winning CLSA analysts will offer in-depth, well-rounded views to help investors ready their portfolios for both current geopolitical challenges and global disruptions that lie ahead. In addition to first-rate presentations from 13 of CLSA’s top analysts, delegates will hear from 26 global thought leaders who have helped shape policies and markets.

Keynote speakers include internationally esteemed geopolitical forecaster George Friedman; singer, songwriter and political activist Sir Bob Geldof; veteran macro investor and advisor Raoul Pal; Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business Luigi Zingales; New York University’s Stern School of Business Professor Amy Webb; and renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Edward Park, Chief Executive Officer of Institutional Equities at CLSA, commented: “Investors across the world are eager to better understand how the numerous risk factors we see today will impact financial performance. Our Forum will provide access to valuable insights from global thought leaders, who will address the most urgent issues we face in the current economic and political landscape. We look forward to presenting a holistic view on potential market outcomes to help investors unlock growth opportunities amid these challenging times, in anticipation of hosting next year’s Forum physically in 2023.”

Geopolitics and macro strategy is high on the Forum agenda, as global economics experts will examine how the Ukraine crisis has changed market dynamics and brought further uncertainty to the worldwide issue of food and energy security. Speakers will also analyse the knock-on effects that monetary, banking and interest-rate environment hostilities are having on economic policy.

This year’s Forum will also explore Trade systems and supply chains, unpacking shifting investment strategies and partnership decisions, and the impact on the availability and price of goods. Renowned economists and thinkers will debate why near- and friend-shoring is neither a simple nor a rapid process, and why it is by no means inevitable.

Against the backdrop of accelerating Innovation and disruption, the Investors’ Forum will explore game changers in tech, from the metaverse to digital money, and the separation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We will also revisit the ever-important issue of cybersecurity, but from the perspective of perpetrators. This in turn will provide context for an analysis of maturing Sino-US tensions and technological competition that has manifested in the semiconductor industry.

Finally, this year’s virtual conference will include discussions on ESG realities as we consider climate risk, debt dependency and demographic reversal. We will ask uncomfortable questions and examine whether sustainability-based investment models are a solution or a problem as our trust in institutions declines.

Shaun Cochran, Head of Research at CLSA, said: “Our Investors’ Forum showcases the best of the CITIC-CLSA network. The team has spent the past year enlisting unique and highly complementary keynotes, experts, analysts and corporate speakers to provide investors a much-needed forward-looking lens to face the upcoming period of significant generational change. At what will hopefully be our last virtual flagship event, we are confident that our Forum will present diverse perspectives and content to help investors navigate these difficult times. We look forward to diving into discussions with our clients over an action-packed week.”


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