CLSA Feng Shui Index 2021 – Year of the Metal Ox

Hong Kong


Hong Kong – Wednesday, 27 January 2021 – CLSA Limited (CLSA), Asia’s leading capital markets and investment group, today launches its 27th CLSA Feng Shui Index (FSI), a tongue-in-cheek outlook of the Hang Seng Index (HSI) in the Year of the Metal Ox. The guide also includes top sector picks, Hong Kong property tips and zodiac predictions for health, wealth, love and career for the coming year.

Hardworking, honest, and humble, the Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese horoscope’s 12-year animal cycle. The last time the Ox showed its horns was in 2009 after the Global Financial Crisis. Once again, this faithful beast of burden has come to pull our Earth Rooster, the Hang Seng Index, out of a slump. The famed Bronze Ox controls the flow of water and capital through Hong Kong; summer and winter could be a golden patch. As always, we advise investors to consult CLSA analysts’ fundamental analysis and market insights prior to making any investment decisions.

Our focus, first and foremost, is to forecast the monthly moves of the HSI, our favourite Earth Rooster, by comparing its birth chart with that of the Metal Ox. Harmony between the Earth Rooster and the Metal Ox bodes well for the HSI, and the market rises early on with the prospect of a more settled year. Following a dip when the Ox falls asleep on the job, the Rat and the Ox resolve their differences and the Ox rouses himself in late spring. During summer, the Ox ploughs the financial fields day and night, with the rally peaking in August. The autumn harvest sees some profit-taking, but the reliable Metal Ox continues to produce results and the year finishes higher than where it started.

Top sector picks: banks, professional services, shipping and travel

In the FSI, all industries are divided into one of the five elements. We assess the relative strength of each element at any given time to select our top sector picks. Portfolios perform best when the elements are equally weighted.  With metal coursing through the chart this year, expect financial and professional services to flourish in February and March. While there is some restraint on this year’s water flow with the ox attached to the earth, water produces metal and there’s a lot of metal to be made. Water-related industries, such as logistics, shipping and trade, will be well in place by spring. The best periods for fire-related industries, such as technology and cosmetics, are late spring and late summer. Although the Ox is of the earth, its energies will be spent on drying up water and producing metal, so construction may be challenged. In the latter part of the year, travel and transport will make a comeback as Covid is controlled.

Hong Kong property hotspots: Centre, South and West

Hong Kong property investors should consult the charts before making any buying decisions. The flying stars bring their general attributes to bear on the nine houses they inhabit. The Eight White wealth star sits in the West; create a welcoming space to attract gold. Known to aid wealth and achievement, the Six White star is in the Centre, where technology, physicality and movement will set you up for success. Avoid the Northwest and Southeast, where baleful stars reside.

Most fortunate zodiacs: Rooster, Snake and Monkey

Turning to the zodiacs, it will be an auspicious year for the Rooster, Snake and Monkey. The Ox, Rat, Rabbit, Dog and Pig will have satisfactory fortunes. While Dragon and Horse will just stay dry, the Tiger and Goat will need to work hard to stay afloat.

Visit for more details on the 27th CLSA Feng Shui Index for the Year of the Metal Ox, featuring a number of celebrities’ zodiac predictions.


About the CLSA Feng Shui Index

Launched in the Monkey year of 1992, the CLSA FSI evaluates the Bazi (eight character fortune) against the birth sign of the Hang Seng, which is the Earth Rooster launched in November 1969. Then the mysterious influences of the wu xing (five energies) and xuan hong (flying stars) are incorporated into the mix. In assessing the sectors, we concentrate on the relative strength of each of the elements – Earth, Water, Metal, Wood and Fire – as they cycle through the five phases in the respective monthly charts.


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