24th CLSA Investors’ Forum
Day 2

by CLSA / Sep 9, 2017


CLSA Investors’ Forum, Hong Kong

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A packed daily schedule of events running over seven consecutive presentation tracks and more than 3,100 private and group meeting will also take place during the week.

Day 2 highlights include the Chairman of Economic and Development Review Committee, OECD William White examining whether global monetary stimulus should be regarded as a cure or cause of economic and financial crises.

Setting the agenda for healthcare, technology and science, oncologist, writer and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, Siddhartha Mukherjee explores advances in biology through our genes, cancer and AI.

And Jonathan Tepperman, Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy shares key lessons in global leadership that can be applied from boardrooms, to banks and even community organisations.

Additional renowned thought leaders presenting on Tuesday include:

  • Ariel Ezrachi, Slaughter and May Professor, competition law, University of Oxford, reviews Virtual competition in the digital economy: The rise of algorithmic pricing, collusion, discrimination and market power.
  • David Sinclair, Professor, Harvard Medical School explores Commercializing technologies to counteract aging.
  • Brendan Blumer, CEO, block.one shares his insights in EOS: The era of decentralized autonomous collectives (DACs)
  • Ellen Jorgensen, President, Biotech, reveals latest developments inEditing Genomes with CRISPR: Are We Ready for Life 2.0?
  • Richard Baldwin, Professor, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, discusses Future globalisation: Seizing opportunities while avoiding social disruption.
  • Gideon Rachman, Chief foreign affairs commentator, Financial Times shares his observations into world economics in Will Geopolitics Destroy Globalisation?