The cat-echism for the year will be to connect with as many beneficial friends and colleagues as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself with very little left in the kitty and wandering around town with a tawny coat. Tempted as you may be to compare your fortune to others, remember that your love of fine dress and appearances will always outrank the scruff that nameless others bring; focus instead on your feline shrewdness and dexterity in managing the world.

Water Tiger:
04 Feb 2022 – 03 Feb 2023
04 Feb 1962 – 03 Feb 1963
Metal Tiger:
04 Feb 2010 – 03 Feb 2011
05 Feb 1950 – 03 Feb 1951
Earth Tiger:
04 Feb 1998 – 03 Feb 1999
04 Feb 1938 – 04 Feb 1939
Fire Tiger:
04 Feb 1986 – 03 Feb 1987
04 Feb 1926 – 04 Feb 1927
Wood Tiger:
04 Feb 1974 – 03 Feb 1975
04 Feb 1914 – 04 Feb 1915

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

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Keeping the cat o’ nine tails in the corner will seem challenging, especially with the Heaven Laments Star silently supporting it. Known as a purveyor of all things unstable, it will test your extraordinary ability to land on your feet. And who knows, this may lead you to fall head over heels in love with someone; just make sure it’s a healthy relationship.


How many du-cats will it take for you to be satisfied? We ask because pawsing where you are will bring only a few to light. You have twelve incisors spread around, enough to locate your prey and get your claws out. Your primary income source should remain steady, but keep an eye on distant prospects for sweetening the kitty.


When stranded on a log in the middle of a fast-flowing stream headed for a waterfall, even a tiger needs to swim against the tide. Fortunately, the Post Horse Star is in your quadrant and urging you to get out and explore - suddenly, the log may snag on a rock and you could see a cable car heading towards the inviting, cloud-wrapped mountains in the distance. Love is out there; hunt it down.


At close quarters, it might seem that you have landed in a cohort of sourpusses. Your colleagues may be beating around the bush, and despite your many talents, none of them will seem interested in lionising you. We advo-cat-e that you leave them there and climb a little higher by yourself; you will not be seen if you always hide in the jungle.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The clinging. Perseverance furthers. It brings success. Care of the cow brings good fortune.
That which is bright rises twice: the image of fire. Thus, the great man, by perpetuating this brightness, illumines four quarters of the world.
The Forest of Changes:
A great tree can produce many offshoots, all from the same source; when the depths of winter or height of summer pass, all that foliage will be luxuriant.
Did you wake up and find yourself shepherding cows? The ways of fate can be obscure and uncertain. Fortunately, you will rise twice, and on the second occasion discover that various hindquarters will be there to stock your larder if only you can escape the dense foliage - someone has to lead, and sometimes you will need to lead yourself.

Feng Shui Index 2024 report

Year of the Wood Dragon

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