04 Feb 2012 – 03 Feb 2013

Water Dragon:

Still struggling to recover from the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, the dragon had a lacklustre start to the year, spending a few months aimlessly wandering around the edge of a pool. Things changed when it fell into the water in early summer and reached out a talon for any passing dragon to rescue. Something stuck, and from late summer to the end of the year, the dragon soared almost uninterrupted, gaining nearly 25% from the year's low point.

  • 25 Feb
    India removed from the list of polio-endemic countries
  • 13 Mar
    Encyclopaedia Britannica ceases to publish a print edition
  • 15 Apr
    China allows the value of the yuan to vary by up to 1% against the US dollar
  • 17 Apr
    Europe's oldest complete book, St. Cuthbert’s Gospel, fetches £9m
  • 08 May
    Bring up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel, is published to acclaim
  • 11 May
    Chinese scientists teleport photons nearly 100km, a world record
  • 04 Jun
    Scoot, Singapore's low-cost airline, begins business
  • 18 Jun
    China's Shenzhou 9 docks with an orbiting module, the third country to do so
  • 02 Aug
    Michael Phelps wins his third consecutive gold medal at the Olympics
  • 16 Aug
    Ecuador grants Wikileaks' Julian Assange political asylum
  • 09 Sep
    Armenia wins the World Chess Olympiad
  • 12 Sep
    Possible remains of Richard III found under a car park in Leicester, UK
  • 23 Oct
    23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, premieres in London
  • 27 Oct
    In Taipei, a march of 65,000 people supports gay marriage and rights
  • 06 Nov
    Barack Obama re-elected as President of the USA
  • 15 Nov
    Xi Jinping becomes the new General Secretary of the CCP
  • 21 Dec
    According to the old Mayan calendar, the world ended on this day
  • 26 Dec
    Shinzo Abe becomes Prime Minister of Japan for the second time
  • 08 Jan
    Bushfires in Australia make thousands homeless
  • 22 Jan
    The Bank of Japan doubles the inflation target to 2% to end deflation
04 Feb 2000 – 03 Feb 2001

Metal Dragon:

Early in the year, the dragon took the Hang Seng to heights it had never scaled. A wind shear took it down through the spring, but the mythical beast quickly regained momentum and reached a new record high early in the summer. The air under the dragon’s wings thinned as the weather cooled, causing it to drop to the year’s lows early in the winter. As if the dragon had decided to take a part-time job as a rollercoaster at an amusement park with other investors’ money, it modestly rose through the winter to finish a little lower for the year.

  • 16 Feb
    A North Korean Consulate opens in Hong Kong
  • 29 Feb
    The once-every-400-year century leap year occurs
  • 04 Mar
    PlayStation 2 goes on sale in Japan
  • 09 Apr
    American Beauty wins best film at the BAFTAs
  • 13 Apr
    First episode of the documentary When Louis Met… airs in the UK
  • 18 May
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is released at the Cannes Film Festival
  • 31 May
    Pillar Point, Hong Kong’s final refugee camp, is closed
  • 13 Jun
    First summit between the two Koreas takes place
  • 16 Jun
    After 22 years, Israel withdraws forces from Lebanon
  • 01 Jul
    The Øresund Bridge, later to star in a Nordic Noir series, is opened
  • 10 Jul
    Coldplay's debut album Parachutes is released
  • 01 Aug
    Proton Waja, Malaysia's first car, is released
  • 12 Aug
    The Russian submarine, Kursk, sinks in the Barents Sea, killing all on board
  • 15 Sep
    Sydney Olympics opens
  • 29 Sep
    Hong Kong film In the Mood for Love is released
  • 06 Oct
    Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic resigns in the face of protests
  • 12 Oct
    Gao Xingjian wins the Nobel Prize for Literature, a first for a Chinese writer
  • 02 Nov
    First crew arrives at the International Space Station
  • 17 Nov
    Alberto Fujimori is removed from office as the President of Peru
  • 01 Dec
    The Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund is implemented
  • 15 Dec
    The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is finally and completely shut down
  • 09 Jan
    China's Shenzhou 2 spacecraft was successfully launched from Jiuquan
  • 15 Jan
    Wikipedia is launched
04 Feb 1988 – 03 Feb 1989

Earth Dragon:

True to its name, the Earth Dragon spent most of the first half of the year firmly rooted to the ground. Leaving its cave, the magnificent creature climbed up rocky crags for several months and camped in caves, where it found small, unopened cans of dragon food left behind by the previous year’s Rabbit. Sated, it spent the summer frolicking in low pools hidden from the heat. Later in the year, as feathers turned into wings, our Dragon took flight and soared in rainy autumn skies until year-end.

  • 19 Feb
    Ceasefire in the Thai-Laotian border war
  • 25 Feb
    South Korea adopts a constitution
  • 13 Mar
    The Seikan Tunnel, the first rail link between Hokkaido and Honshu, opens
  • 17 Mar
    Construction begins on Hong Kong Park
  • 16 Apr
    Studio Ghilbi's film My Neighbour Totoro is released
  • 22 Apr
    Hong Kong TVB series The Final Verdict fined HK$20,000 for realistic violence
  • 01 May
    Construction begins on Hong Kong's then-longest tunnel, the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel
  • 10 May
    Death of Republican Chinese writer Shen Congwen
  • 05 Jun
    Russian Orthodox Church turns 1,000
  • 16 Jun
    Premiere of Chinese documentary River Elegy
  • 03 Jul
    Second bridge connecting Asia and Europe over the Bosphorus is opened
  • 04 Jul
    US Navy shoots down Iranian civilian airliner, killing nearly 300 people
  • 01 Aug
    Construction of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology begins
  • 08 Aug
    Thousands killed in anti-government demonstrations in Burma (Myanmar)
  • 17 Sep
    Summer Olympics open in Seoul
  • 29 Sep
    China's first neutron bomb test makes it the fourth country in the world to do so
  • 13 Oct
    The Shroud of Turin fails the carbon-dating test and is shown to be a fake
  • 14 Oct
    Naguib Mahfouz is first Arab writer to win Nobel Prize for Literature
  • 08 Nov
    George HW Bush elected President of the USA
  • 16 Nov
    Estonia declares sovereignty in domestic affairs
  • 02 Dec
    Benazir Bhutto, in Pakistan, becomes the first woman to head an Arab state
  • 29 Dec
    Establishment of Ritek, worldwide leading CD/DVD manufacturer in Taiwan
  • 07 Jan
    Japanese Emperor Hirohito dies
  • 11 Jan
    Lexus (Toyota) and Infiniti (Nissan) luxury car brands are launched
05 Feb 1976 – 03 Feb 1977

Fire Dragon:

When the previous year’s Rabbit landed on the winter trampoline, it bounced so high that it became a dragon in mid-air. Wings now out, it soared high into the sky, reaching a peak in the spring that was over 30% higher than the winter doldrums. But that financial rainbow did a bow and turned into rain, and by early summer, it seemed that Dragon was trying to catch up with Rabbit’s plummeting fortunes. It spent the next several months dodging thunder and lightning, and then, as winter settled in, it took flight once more, finishing the year better off than it had started.

  • 19 Feb
    Hong Kong introduces a HK$5 coin to replace the paper note
  • 26 Mar
    Queen Elizabeth II sends the first royal email
  • 28 Mar
    Inaugural Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament begins
  • 01 Apr
    Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs found Apple in a garage
  • 24 May
    The Concorde begins flights to Washington D.C.
  • 01 Jun
    The UK and Iceland end the Third Cod War
  • 26 Jun
    Magnitude 7.1 earthquake kills over 400 in Papua New Guinea
  • 02 Jul
    Formal reunification of North and South Vietnam
  • 04 Jul
    Israeli mission rescues the air crew and passengers from terrorists in Uganda
  • 18 Aug
    Two US soldiers killed at the Panmunjom DMZ while cutting down a tree
  • 26 Aug
    First-known outbreak of the Ebola virus
  • 05 Sep
    First broadcast of the Muppet Show
  • 09 Sep
    Death of Mao Zedong
  • 06 Oct
    Violent crackdown centred on Thammasat University in Bangkok kills hundreds
  • 02 Nov
    Jimmy Carter elected 39th President of the USA
  • 03 Dec
    Lee Shuang-tze promotes local music in Taiwan and smashes a Coke bottle on stage
  • 05 Dec
    Japanese elections and the LDP loses control of the lower house
  • 19 Dec
    USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev awarded his fifth Order of Lenin
  • 06 Jan
    Charter 77 on human rights is published in Prague
  • 31 Jan
    Centre Pompidou inaugurated in Paris

Feng Shui Index 2024 report

Year of the Wood Dragon

Sorcerer: Dr James Greenbaum
Sorcerer's apprentice: Stella Liu
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Director/Editor: Sandy Chen Dowling; Yukti Vidyarthi
Translation editor: Sandra Tsui
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Launched in 1992 as a Chinese New Year card, the CLSA Feng Shui Index is a light-hearted outlook for the Hong Kong market and a well-loved firm tradition. Please note that this guide is not a research report.