If last year was one for moo-ching around, this one is looking slightly better. There should be enough ox-ygen to move forward projects you have in mind. It would be an ox-ymoron to suggest you gallop on, so we recommend you stay steady and reliable, and keep advancing. Remember your strengths and you will be able to overcome any obstacles with a flick of the tail.

Metal Ox:
03 Feb 2021 – 03 Feb 2022
04 Feb 1961 – 03 Feb 1962
Earth Ox:
04 Feb 2009 – 03 Feb 2010
04 Feb 1949 – 03 Feb 1950
Fire Ox:
04 Feb 1997 – 03 Feb 1998
04 Feb 1937 – 03 Feb 1938
Wood Ox:
04 Feb 1985 – 03 Feb 1986
04 Feb 1925 – 03 Feb 1926
Water Ox:
04 Feb 1973 – 03 Feb 1974
04 Feb 1913 – 03 Feb 1914

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Spherical celadon vases

Lucky number:

Lucky colour:



Nothing should upset the oxcart too badly. We are not encouraging you to be a cowboy and run with the bulls; overweening self-braise has never been a need. Working to bring down stress levels and switching out unnecessary tasks will go some way to ensuring that your chest stays off the floor and health maintains itself.


There is not a great deal of meat on the bones this year, and the question will be how you beef it up. Despite the relatively slow pace of most bovines, you will keep up with the pack for your regular income. Any side occupations and investments that you have may see unexpected cuts or be shanked off to the side. Be cautious to avoid any potential financial setbacks.


Some cosmic forces are encouraging you to follow their lead. For smoother relationships with those you are always ready to make cow-eyes at, you might activate the Heavenly Virtue Star, which can help you to cut the bull and lessen your beef with them. Tread carefully so you can avoid any misunderstandings and keep relationships on track.


Some days, you might wake up thinking you might just chuck it all in: there is too much on your plate, and your boss appears in front of you dressed in red. But paw the ground a few times, and you will be ready to charge like a bull at the nearest gate. You will have some assistance here as the Curly Tongue Star has dropped by to provide endless possibilities to strip the tenderloins off anyone who crosses your path.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Progress. The powerful prince is honoured with horses in large numbers. In a single day, he is granted an audience three times.
The sun rises over the earth: the image of progress. Thus, the superior man brightens his bright virtue.
The Forest of Changes:
Swords melted for ploughshares, oxen and horses are relieved of military duties, weapons are dispersed, and husbands and wives reunited.
A year for returning to your most fundamental duties and desires. Let those who wish to court the court be caught in its fine mesh - that’s not where your time is best spent. However far the world stretches in front of you, your path will be clear.

Feng Shui Index 2024 report

Year of the Wood Dragon

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Launched in 1992 as a Chinese New Year card, the CLSA Feng Shui Index is a light-hearted outlook for the Hong Kong market and a well-loved firm tradition. Please note that this guide is not a research report.