Sam Altman

22 April 1985  |  Wood Ox

After being the public face of the next big thing for a year, Sam Altman experienced an unconventional public sacking and rehiring last November. What do the stars say for him this year? They have a helping hand extended, so we expect to see some further development on his ideas for Universal Basic Income and the World ID eyeball-scanning programme. In addition, with the finance stars indicating the possibility of sudden losses, we expect to see hitherto unannounced projects: ones that may fail or prove unprofitable for some years, but for which he has the funds to bankroll. ChatGPT and OpenAI remain the central concerns; we expect Altman to principally follow wherever the tech takes him, but he will also spend his energies on subsidiary projects.

Taylor Swift

13 December 1989  |  Earth Snake

As the era of the Eras Tour will occupy nearly all of the dragon year, we would like to see what else the stars may say about her prospects. The turning of adversity to benefit through personal application is something we might assume she will do. Dragon years are often positive for snakes, and those in mid-career usually focus closely on future plans and job changes. While on tour, we expect Taylor Swift to be honing the script of her upcoming directorial debut, possibly to spend more time behind the camera than in front of it. Later in the year, when the tour is finishing, the stars are plotting endless personal and professional twists and turns; it will work to her benefit to sort that out before the Tai Sui comes calling next spring.

Jerome Powell

4 February 1953  |  Water Snake

Having overseen a smooth high-employment landing out of what might be termed ‘extended transitory inflation’, one of the challenges for the US Fed, and thus Powell, is to bridge the gap between public sentiment and hard statistics. With a stellar year for snakes coming up, Powell will be in the driver’s seat to message the Fed’s path away from partisan politics and back to speaking directly to all Americans. With the stars throwing up fewer impediments than both sides of the political divide, Powell can use his attention to detail to better outline the Fed’s course of action. Despite him no longer being in his 20s, we expect to see an independent and clever use of all media forms to achieve these goals. Now in his second term, he is at the top of his game and has a good year to further it.

Robin Zeng Yuqun

March 1968  |  Earth Monkey

Well-ensconced on the world’s richest lists on account of the success of his battery technology, Zeng also sits on the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee and is a vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. In these roles, he also brings his business acumen to the service of China and the CCP. Monkeys are busy enough in normal times, and dragon years can have them positively spinning with a workload. Expect him to further his business arrangements this year, irrespective of immediate financial returns. Success is indicated, and we think this might also augur well for his advice given behind closed doors; projects that might not capture the headlines will occupy him for much of the year. These projects will also come with considerable anxiety and stress - he needs to ensure that he is fully charged to see the year out unscathed.

Maggie Cheung Man-yuk

20 September 1964  |  Wood Dragon

Upon reaching her 60th birthday milestone, Maggie Cheung could be forgiven for taking the year off and putting her feet up. In the past, turning 60 not only marked a full cycle in the calendar but also signalled retirement from an active lifestyle. Having transitioned from her stunning film career to a focus on music and philanthropy two decades ago, is Maggie Cheung contemplating another change or a return to acting? Perhaps more philanthropic work? The stars suggest she could continue working if she desires, though their advice to store up now for lean years later must surely be directed at whatever endeavours she decides are the most suitable for her energies and talents.

Max Verstappen

30 September 1997  |  Fire Ox

The stars are lining up well for him professionally this year - a daunting prospect for anyone driving in the Formula One races, after the 2023 season he dominated in such an unprecedented manner. He could win this year by half the margin he did in 2023 and still easily prevail. All this from a driver racing cars before he was legally allowed to drive on the road. The stars say he will continue to improve his career this year - a frightening thought. The one place he might be moving in the slow lane is his love life, as fast as the stars go, there are no cosmic developments in sight in that area. Which records might he have trouble breaking? In 2016, he set the record for the most overtakes in a season - a difficult record to break when he often starts in pole position.

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Year of the Wood Dragon

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