You have quite a few bright stars tucked in your sty this year. While most are good, the Mislaid Imp may cause a minor string of troubles due to the nuisance involved. After losing your wallet with IDs and credit cards, you might miss a taxi, ferry and plane, leading you to have to cancel your conference attendance. Build in some fat for all that and enjoy the year.

Earth Pig:
04 Feb 2019 – 03 Feb 2020
04 Feb 1959 – 04 Feb 1960
Fire Pig:
04 Feb 2007 – 03 Feb 2008
04 Feb 1947 – 04 Feb 1948
Wood Pig:
04 Feb 1995 – 03 Feb 1996
05 Feb 1935 – 04 Feb 1936
Water Pig:
04 Feb 1983 – 03 Feb 1984
05 Feb 1923 – 04 Feb 1924
Metal Pig:
04 Feb 1971 – 04 Feb 1972
05 Feb 1911 – 04 Feb 1912

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Green potted plants

Lucky number:

Lucky colour:



The world out there is bristling with danger, and your role as piggies will be to minimise risk and discomfort. As you are naturally inclined to do this, this is no special concern for you. You should avoid setting too many tasks or pig-eonholing your activities too stringently. Also, given the possibility of small accidents, skip participating in an extreme ironing competition this year.


With that pork shoulder pressed in hard, it could be a fine year for bringing home the bacon. The caveat is to properly vet investments before going all in. No need to roast anyone who lets you in late to a sure thing; piggybacking on others is not always your style, yet a pig in clover is a wondrous sight and no one would doubt your hard work.


Fancy the sound of piglets frolicking? Want to wallow about in the proverbial mud? How about a late-afternoon romantic stroll along the boar-dwalk? No need to rasher in; the love stars are shining and your name is on their list, surely they will be tickling your ribs throughout the year. You are a vocal parcel, so snuggle up with a loved one and become your own cured ham.


The Dragon Virtue Star sits here this year and is renowned for assisting in work-related endeavours; there should be little to ham-per you. The rising possibilities are so good that you can write your own episode of Pigs in Space. Alternatively, you might come to hog your own particular area, with your seniors making you sounder offers. Trot along, they will all come after you.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Revolution. On your own day, you are believed. Supreme success, furthering through perseverance. Remorse disappears.
Fire in the lake: the image of revolution. Thus, the superior man sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear.
The Forest of Changes:
Extending one’s neck out to see one’s feet, exhausted but not humiliated. Desiring to remain hidden from one’s foes, by disaster he was harmed.
To everything, there is a season: a time to extend your neck to see your feet, and a time to be hidden from your foes. The good book tells us this, but it must have been talking to someone else. Your calendar is already in order and your foes might just be imaginary.

Feng Shui Index 2024 report

Year of the Wood Dragon

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