The social rabbit takes a back seat, and the solitary hare is out on the plains alone as the hutch door is broken. This year, old, discarded rabbit traps might trip you up, but they will not catch you and no one is monitoring them. Take along your own internal version of ChatGPT for someone to talk to and prepare not for a Hundred Years of Solitude, but perhaps several days on an occasional basis.

Water Rabbit:
04 Feb 2022 – 03 Feb 2023
04 Feb 1963 – 04 Feb 1964
Metal Rabbit:
04 Feb 2011 – 03 Feb 2012
04 Feb 1951 – 04 Feb 1952
Earth Rabbit:
04 Feb 1999 – 03 Feb 2000
05 Feb 1939 – 04 Feb 1940
Fire Rabbit:
04 Feb 1987 – 03 Feb 1988
05 Feb 1927 – 04 Feb 1928
Wood Rabbit:
04 Feb 1975 – 04 Feb 1976
05 Feb 1915 – 04 Feb 1916

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Treasure bowls

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Ears drooping? Sensitive nose sniffling? Legs lost their spring? This year, the Illness Tally Star is likely to bring a basket of trifles that would not be noticed in a hospital, but by the person beside you on a bus. Just when you are over the rump of the year, you might find your health still in hock. Keep a low profile and bugs out of the hutch.


Can rabbits eat clover? They can, in moderation. Too much and they are likely to fill with gas and float on up to an eagle’s nest. Modest gains will be had, even if your basic income is unstable. A series of small arguments throughout the year means you might have some luck investing in a law firm, but our advice is hardly a firm law.


Rabbits often go weak at the knees for a large family, and we don’t want to start the hare, but even hare-ms, to be s-hared, were once found in the family trees. If you are one of the minority of rabbits who think bickering is just a way to break the ice, you are about to land on the love glacier. If tambourines and dancing are more your thing, then you can lapin’ it up when the next Hare Krishna litter moves through your neighbourhood.


Despite having just departed your own year, the Tai Sui has not forgotten you. Without the help you had last year, your professional life is unlikely to buck up. Your friend in the greater cosmic hutch, the Rooster, may lend you some better stars, but of your own, there is only the somewhat ambivalent Sudden Breakthrough Star, which involves a new environment and its accompanying uncertainties.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and from goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.
Thunder within the earth: the image of the turning point. Thus, the kings of antiquity closed the passes at the time of solstice. Merchants and strangers did not go about, and the ruler did not travel through the provinces.
The Forest of Changes:
To place profit over righteousness, the moon will make clear the plains. When a state is in turmoil, the five relationships will be disorderly, and evidence of this will lie in its destruction.
Situations you might find yourself in: at a laundromat with a bent twenty-cent piece; at the closed door of a post office that has unaccountably shut; pulling the car into a station where they have just exhausted the fuel depot. Need we go on? The year is one long solstice - find your local megalithic circle and enjoy the show.

Feng Shui Index 2024 report

Year of the Wood Dragon

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Launched in 1992 as a Chinese New Year card, the CLSA Feng Shui Index is a light-hearted outlook for the Hong Kong market and a well-loved firm tradition. Please note that this guide is not a research report.