Through no fault of your own, you might find yourself consigned to the naughty kennel for the period. It is as if many cosmic actors removed their masks to reveal themselves as cats. Mongrels are roaming the streets and strays are pooching around on your doorstep. You will have the Tai Sui hounding you for some time; groom yourself and don’t afford him any purchase.

Earth Dog:
04 Feb 2018 – 03 Feb 2019
04 Feb 1958 – 03 Feb 1959
Fire Dog:
04 Feb 2006 – 03 Feb 2007
04 Feb 1946 – 03 Feb 1947
Wood Dog:
04 Feb 1994 – 03 Feb 1995
04 Feb 1934 – 04 Feb 1935
Water Dog:
04 Feb 1982 – 03 Feb 1983
04 Feb 1922 – 04 Feb 1923
Metal Dog:
04 Feb 1970 – 03 Feb 1971
05 Feb 1910 – 04 Feb 1911

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Bevelled-edge crystal balls

Lucky number:

Lucky colour:



Some negative forces may lurk with a hang-dog look to cause accidents this year. The hunt is on and they have declared you to be the fox. Steer clear of them. Prioritise your wellbeing and lessen your exposure to the ills that stray your way.


Beware of bragging about your wealth as the Greater Squandering Star is listening for any mention of great riches. Be extra cautious and ensure your assets are well protected. Also, if someone invites you to be their best friend, make sure you are not on their menu.


You can puppy-eye things from afar, but no matter how much you wish it, this one-sided desire won’t turn them into your pup-pets this year. Keep your counsel to yourself, and try not to be so dogmatic about your own needs. Everyone knows you’ll protect those you love, so be judicious in who you decide to consign to the doghouse this year.


The National Insignia Star is one of the few bones the fates may throw you this year. One of the downsides of your tendency to fix things is to become known as a fixer. Your superiors might appreciate your dogged determination to prevent your professional area from turning into a dog’s breakfast. There is no need to howl about this; bark my words, they will not need pointers to retrieve your contributions.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The army. The army needs perseverance and a strong man. Good fortune without blame.
In the middle of the earth is water: the image of the army. Thus, the superior man increases his masses with generosity toward the people.
The Forest of Changes:
Constellations arrayed around the Jade Emperor’s Palace, the five celestial spirits gathered around in harmony. The palace is steadfast, and the Jade Emperor is at ease.
As the Jade Emperor's best friend, we suggest you stay close by his side this year and don’t stray beyond the palace. The universe is about to sit down for a formal dinner and has temporarily misplaced your invitation. It will turn up in time; a little patience is necessary.

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Year of the Wood Dragon

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