23rd CLSA China Forum

CLSA brings global investors to Hangzhou for the CLSA China Forum

CLSA China Forum

15-16 May 2018, Hangzhou

Now in its 23rd year, CLSA’s annual China Forum will join China’s largest investor conference – CITIC Securities’ annual mid-year Investor Forum – for the first time.  In presentations and workshops, delegates will gain unparalleled exposure to China’s premium platform of exchange between investors and leading, listed corporations.

CLSA will run a separate track of English-language presentations by industry experts on China strategy, economics, consumer behaviour, autonomous driving, robotics and automation, millennials and much more.  The full line-up of CLSA China and macro analysts will be available for one-on-one meetings.  In addition, CLSA will take foreign investors on the road across China in 10 specialised, industry tours led by CLSA analysts.


China Forum Tours

CLSA takes global investors on the road across China.

China materials tour – Beijing-Tangshan-Henan/Shandong-Shanghai

Tapping CLSA’s vast network of industry contacts, we aim to meet with a variety of leading consultants, producers, end users, traders and policy advisors.

China property tour – Hangzhou
On this tour, investors can find out what China’s “second housing reform”-rental housing policy-is all about.

Gaming tour – Macau
Macau’s sudden resurgence begs many questions. This tour is an opportunity to meet and interact with key industry personnel, and assess the legitimacy and shelf-life of revenue recovery.

China education tour – Beijing, Guangdong, Foshan & Dongguan
Last year was a busy one in China’s education space, with new listings covering K-12 schools, universities and training companies. These tours will visit companies in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Small and mid-cap factory tour – Hangzhou, Jiaxing & Suzhou
In this tour, we aim to visit companies with initiatives to drive long-term success, or who are riding key macro/industry tailwinds.

China eworld tour – Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Shanghai
From payment to transport, from healthcare to family finance, from education to entertainment, China is wholeheartedly adopting a more convenient and tech-savvy lifestyle in an “e-cosystem” inspired by the country’s internet giants. This three-day event features small-group meetings, with both industry players and ordinary consumers, to consider the latest developments in China’s broader internet space.

China clean tech & renewables -Hangzhou & Suzhou
This two-day trip intends to cover some of the fast-growing clean-tech sectors in the Yangtze River Delta region.

China consumer tour – Hangzhou-Shanghai
Consumption in China is a multidecade investment opportunity, with 2018 being a particularly exciting year as consumers embrace premiumisation and new retail. This tour will explore these two themes.

China finance tour – Hangzhou-Shanghai
This two-day tour will take you through both old-and new-economy businesses.

CLSA China research

Unrivalled insights on the sectors driving China’s growth.

CLSA’s China research is unparalleled.  In the lead up to the 23rd CLSA China Forum, our award-winning analysts have published a number of compelling reports on the industries and trends shaping China’s economy and moving its market.

Click through the images below for a summary of a few of the reports.

Beautiful China


Consumer Credit











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