CLSA Capital Partners’ Sunrise Capital II invests in Outsourcing Investment, Inc

Hong Kong


Tokyo, Tuesday 11 October, 2016 – CLSA Capital Partners, the alternative asset management arm of CLSA, is pleased to announce the investment by Sunrise Capital II (“Sunrise II”) into Outsourcing Investments, Inc. (“OSI Group” or the “Company”) a Yokohama-based specialised staffing services company. Sunrise II is a CLSA Capital Partners’ fund that invests in established, mid-cap companies with strong growth potential in Japan.

The OSI Group is a staffing services conglomerate that provides tech-oriented staffing services to blue-chip domestic manufacturing companies. Sunrise II has acquired 100% of OSI Group shares through this transaction. Sunrise II will work closely with OSI Group’s management team to jointly pursue further growth within the business. The OSI Group will retain the existing management team and does not anticipate any material changes in strategic policies.

The sixth investment by Sunrise II, OSI Group supports one of the fund’s key investment themes: “Macro-Shadow”, which focuses on businesses benefitting from one of the “shadow” effects of the Japanese macro-economy: Japan’s declining working population.

Mr. Megumi Kiyozuka, Head of Sunrise Japan said: “We have always viewed the staffing services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as an attractive industry. Needless to say, labour shortages resulting from the declining population continues to be a recurring issue in Japan. In addition, many Japanese enterprises have struggled to retain and train high quality talent organically to keep up with the increasingly competitive environment driven by globalisation. The typical old-fashioned “Japanese-style” approach is coming to an end and currently, Japanese enterprises are required to manage their businesses focusing on the company’s core strengths while relying on external resources as necessary to maintain competitiveness.”

“The OSI Group has achieved significant growth in the past as a tech-oriented staffing services company. In addition, following the Global Financial Crisis, the Company has transformed its operations as well as launched new businesses and has managed to establish a highly resilient business model capable of withstanding macro-economic downturns. We intend to fully utilise the Company’s strengths and collaborate with the Company to accelerate and achieve growth exceeding the OSI Group’s past expectations.” said Mr. Megumi Kiyozuka.

Founded in 2005 and with 2,500 permanent and part-time employees, the OSI Group is comprised of nine subsidiaries which provide tech-oriented specialised staffing services, such as engineer dispatching services, to blue-chip domestic manufacturing companies. The Company has achieved significant growth by expanding its services to meet its clients various staffing needs. The OSI Group has strategically pursued diversification across industries, enhanced its domestic demand-driven businesses and launched new businesses. As a result, the Company has been able to further stabilise its operations. Going forward, the Company intends to continue diversifying and expanding its services.