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Year of the Water Tiger

As a fun respite from investment research, we hope you enjoy this tongue-in-cheek Feng Shui guide as we welcome you to the Year of the Water Tiger. Courageous, decisive and confident, the Tiger is a trailblazer. Our cover features the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan and a world heritage site. According to legend, a tiger once leapt from the north to the south, crossing the upper reaches of the Yangtze River by landing on a rock in the middle of the torrents, turning backwards, and then continuing on to the south bank. It's not a far stretch to imagine ourselves looking through Tiger's eyes.

Year of the Water Tiger
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Famous Tigers

Perhaps the lion wears the crown, but surely the tiger is the power behind the throne. The most majestic Siberian tiger can weigh up to 300kg and measure two metres long without counting the tail. This apex predator has such a deep hold on the human imagination that many of the more famous examples above are not strictly tigers at all, but borrow and glow with all the tenacity, strength and presence that the real tiger has engendered.

And here's our forecast!

CLSA Feng Shui Index, 2022
CLSA Feng Shui Index 2022

With a tiger on the loose, you can expect any rooster worth his comb to be moving at speed. Our favourite Earth Rooster’s lucky elements are fire and wood, so wood’s abundance in this year’s Water Tiger chart bodes well for Hong Kong’s market. The noble tiger will lead us on a journey of twists and turns that finishes on a high note.


Previous Tiger Years

How did we fare?

In 2010, the Metal Tiger hit a steady stride to produce a fairly good year, generally following our prediction. The Earth Tiger in 1998 was a bit of a slacker and ended up where he started after some ups and downs. The movement of the Fire Tiger was that of a cat on a hot tin roof; he spent the year ocelotting all over the place. Happily for those early investors, his jumping mostly pushed the Hang Seng higher.


So what's Feng Shui?

Interplay determines our forecasts

In Feng Shui, the four pillars of destiny (the year, month, day and hour) comprise eight characters, hence the name Bazi. Each of the pillars is described by the two cycles that have characterised Chinese ways of telling time for the past three millennia. They are the 10 heavenly stems and the 12 earthly branches. When you place those two cycles side by side, they repeat at intervals of 60, which means you return to the beginning of the sequence.

For Feng Shui purposes, the new year begins on 4 February. This is different from the Chinese New Year, which strictly follows the phases of the moon. Each stem and branch is associated with one of the five elements (water, fire, metal, wood and earth) and also with either yin or yang, giving us the chart for the year. We compare this annual destiny chart against our Hang Seng Rooster's natal chart for 24 November 1969.

The Bazi destiny charts for the Tiger and the Hang Seng Index
The Bazi destiny charts
Five elements


In Chinese philosophy, the five elements provide a basic framework to understand relationships between everything. Each year, wood, fire, earth, metal and water dance around each other, some ruling throughout, others bursting out for a month or so. We apply Feng Shui theory to the markets by assigning certain industries to each element to determine their general trajectory.


The Zodiacs

What sign are you?
How you will fare in the Year of the Water Tiger

Affliction deflection

How to mitigate negative energy

Feng Shui determines the points on the compass assigned to potential negative energies, or qi, in their various guises. The usual suspects are the Tai Sui, Tsui Po, San Sha and Wu Wang: intangible forces meandering across the Feng Shui firmament, so if the predictions are not in your favour, purchase a canister of reality and breathe deep . . . you'll be fine.

Affliction deflection

Celebrity Fortunes 2022

Celebrity Fortunes
Property outlook

Property outlook

The tiger's domain

We highlight the most auspicious directions and what areas to avoid. The flying stars work in any organised space - it may be as large as the planet or as small as your home. Here we focus on the sectors in that grid, and how these forces manifest in the property and business market. This year, the Northeast is best but be respectful of the Tai Sui. Avoid the Centre, where everything crumbles and the earth retakes all.