Elementary analysis

Somewhere in the clouds above, revolve the qi of the five phases. Down here in our world, these phases manifest as concrete structures and a correct understanding of how they function tells us what they are likely to do on our earthly domain. We thus present the overall picture for industries associated with each of the phases across the year. Modified slightly by the ruling forces in each month, the decline of one element may be tempered by the position of a seemingly unrelated element and vice-versa. Water, for instance conquers fire, but this can be mitigated by having a surplus of wood, which can augment the fire. And so the dance goes on.

Wood is well-aspected in the bazi chart, and the Earth Rooster should be feeding it some choice compost. Sectors that have had some headwinds recently, such as education, clothing and even small stationery shops, should find themselves freed from some of those constraints. Early in the year, once the Lantern Festival comes to a close, should be the best time for these endeavours.

Chris Gao
Consumer Discretionary
Jack RF Chen
Consumer Staples
Jeffrey CH Chan

Like metal, fire is also missing from the bazi this year. A small amount of yang fire circles underneath, but it's barely enough to light a fire. There is no shortage of wood for fuel, however, and there is some earth to quench some water, bringing a little warmth to a miserable year for everything from factories and advertising down to consumables such as lighting and fashion. Late spring to early summer looks to be the best period for those industries.

Elinor Leung
Tony Zhang
Technology Hardware
Shantnu Phutela

Some residual weakness is evident in earth-related industries. The construction sectors might find demand and materials lacking at different times. Industries related to earth, but outside those sectors, promise an easier run, so particular small industries such as gemstones and leather should do well. A slow start and a slowdown toward year-end should not hide steady opportunities through the rest of the year.

Lance Noble
China Reality Research
Alvin Wong
Timothy Lee

Metal is entirely absent from the bazi this year so you can forgive yourself for feeling like there is no solid ground beneath you if you are following the financial markets for the next twelve months. There is a short period after summer when metal-associated stocks might perform decently, particularly from October, but any brilliance is more a case of a rising tide lifting all boats than sunlight falling on a sharpened metal blade.

Hans Fan
Ken Shin
Alex Redman

Water is the star of the year, especially in the first two months of spring and then from the middle of autumn through the winter. Trade and shipping should pick up, holding steady over the summer before once again pushing higher as the heat dissipates. Travel resumes in earnest in much of the world, so expect judiciously selected associated industries to do well, everything from frozen meats to circuses.

Jon Galligan
Jeffrey Kiang
Seungjoo Ro