The tiger's domain

In Feng Shui, positions and directions are significant and change at different time periods, from every two hours to 20 years. The most influential are the 20-year time period, with nine making up the full cycle of 180 years, and the yearly arrangement of the flying stars and their associated attributes. The next 20-year period begins in 2024; as the power of the present period begins to fade, the yearly stars take on a little more importance even if they are still read against a slowly changing background. The 2022 lunar year sees each star and characteristic return to the original pattern of the Luo Shu - the original sudoku or magic square, named for the legendary turtle who appeared from the waters of the flooded Luo River with the numbered markings on his shell. Think about it - you have just escaped a flood and come ashore, so where would you like to settle and get to work?

The flying stars work in organised space that may be as large as the planet or as small as your home; the very same patterned net can be draped over any landscape. Here we focus on the sectors in that grid, and how these forces manifest in the property and business market. But remember: as above so it is below, and the forces that be can act this way in your own residence.