If you're planning on bringing home some bones, then choose carefully as you might find yourself a little harrier this year. There are stars outside the kennel, but they are mostly not the sort with which you want to spend too much time, so unless you're planning on outfoxing them, let those mongrels stray elsewhere. Focus on your better qualities - taking care of others, maintaining right and wrong and not believing everything you're told.

Earth Dog:
16 Feb 2018 – 04 Feb 2019
18 Feb 1958 – 07 Feb 1959
Fire Dog:
29 Jan 2006 – 17 Feb 2007
02 Feb 1946 – 21 Jan 1947
Wood Dog:
10 Feb 1994 – 30 Jan 1995
14 Feb 1934 – 03 Feb 1935
Water Dog:
25 Jan 1982 – 12 Feb 1983
28 Jan 1922 – 15 Feb 1923
Metal Dog:
06 Feb 1970 – 26 Jan 1971
10 Feb 1910 – 29 Jan 1911

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky colours:




If a dog has an itch that has to be scratched, then the beginning of the year might just follow on from the last. Come the full force of the tiger through the dog days of summer and you might be looking to retriever some better health, putting your recent incarnation as the droopy, sad basset hound behind you.


Whoever is pulling on the cosmic purse strings is about to put you in the doghouse. Keep your savings from last year on hand. None of your investment choices are likely to be hyenas or terriering along this year. Boxer up your coin and don't let slip the dogs of worry; by the time the autumn comes, there will be something in your bowl after all.


You will not want to stifle your natural loyalty to and sympathy for others, but you'll be turning it off and turning it on repeatedly, oddly enough just like a dog chasing a stick that is thrown, again and again. Perhaps you'll enjoy this. You might want to get some pointers from friends on the best course to take so that you don't end up a basset case. The spring and autumn look the best for polishing up your puppy dog eyes and melting our hearts. Beware the Flying Incorruptible Star, which brings the black dog of loneliness into your residence.


With the White Tiger Star walking around in your skin and impersonating you, it's no wonder that you sometimes feel like you're on a short leash at work. If it sometimes seems like you've woken up in a world of work run by cats, you're sadly no longer dreaming. Without letting them know, turn the other cheek and give them the silent treatment. Do keep an eye on the market – if it drops, your employment position seems to rise a little.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Oppression. Success. Perseverance. The great man brings about good fortune. No blame. When one has something to say, it is not believed.
There is no water in the lake: the image of Exhaustion. Thus, the superior man stakes his life on following his will.
The Forest of Changes:
Hair unbound and a brutal heart, who would have a barbarian as a neighbour? They arrive like a whirlwind and depart like a snapped bowstring. Savage like the wolf.
You may not want a barbarian as a neighbour, but when you're all alone out there on the steppe, with the wind howling and the snow flying in flurries around you, that barbarian may prove a welcome hand. Keep an eye out for assistance and kindliness under whichever guise it makes itself known to you.