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With a Tiger on the loose, you can expect any Rooster worth his comb to be moving at speed. Despite the challenging environment, the Hang Seng, our favourite Earth Rooster, will move swiftly to ensure he stays just out of Water Tiger's reach. The only exception is August, when the Tiger is enjoying an after-meal bask in the sun and clearly not moving. Which way does our Rooster choose to fly? Mostly up, encouraging the Tiger to leap higher and higher. The year should close with both animals higher than where they began, with the Water Rabbit edging out the Tiger and allowing the Rooster one last unfettered flight.

We expect a good beginning to the year to turn sour in March before returning to steady growth and peaking over the summer. A pause and a fall early into the autumn occurs before the market picks up again going into winter. Our Rooster finishes on a high note coming into the new year. Free range in the coop for the Hang Seng this year!

The Hang Seng has the cosmic assistance of the Purple Fern and the Dragon Virtue stars this year. Both are proficient in turning the worst scraps into the finest chicken scratch you'll find. Who comes to threaten our Earth Rooster? The Violent Failure star, a masked master of finding something bad in anything good; it is not here for a pheasant time. We all know what to do with those naysayers - they can’t trim your beak if you don't let them.

A closer look

  Roaring Tiger     Drowned Kitten  
Wood  Tiger

4 Feb – 4 Mar

The crossing of the Gorge is dangerous. Don't be a paper tiger - be a tiger's tiger. Face the rapids as we don't want a clouded leopard here. A slow and winding beginning should be followed by a gradual rise.

Wood  Rabbit

5 Mar – 4 Apr
The cat got the cream, but the tiger didn't get a share. Opportunities exist, but returns will be low. This is the Spendthrift Rooster's month and the tiger will have him for breakfast, hence the delay.

Earth  Dragon

5 Apr – 4 May

The bazi and the rotating cosmos come together. All seeds and scraps are yours for the taking. The too greedy will have claws clipped, but restraint will see the tiger ready to leap from the bank.

Fire  Snake

5 May – 5 Jun
There's more than one way to skin a cat or cross the Gorge. The stars are lining up and begging to jump into your bowl, so it's no time for pussy-footing around, Tom. Ever upward this month!

Fire  Horse

6 Jun – 6 Jul

Approaching full speed now. Even if expenses are above average this month, you'll more than reap the rewards. No harm in asking the old tigers for advice, but the leap into the air has the tiger clear and rising.

Earth  Goat

7 Jul – 6 Aug

Half the year's rise is done and the tiger lands on the rock in the middle. Metals are making a run and our Rooster is enjoying the sun. Standard investments are secure.

Metal  Monkey

7 Aug – 6 Sep

Late summer sees profit taking, small falls and gains, and a cat that is no longer the felis adventurer, but a purring machine on the rock. Keep your whiskers alert and a float in the kitty for the unexpected.

Metal  Rooster

7 Sep – 7 Oct
Time to examine the claws in your contracts. The largest drop is here, with the Tiger sliding down the rock and bringing Rooster back in line. Buy some lucky cushions and ride out in comfort.

Earth  Dog

8 Oct – 6 Nov

The earth branches' return to their ruling places bodes well. Your paws stay dry so keep a tabby on small nuisances of a month more up than down and you'll see a civet tongue in your head and a bank balance rising.

Water  Pig

7 Nov – 6 Dec
No need to bell the cat - the tiger will ring the market bell. Metal subsides, water moves through and wood soaks up the excess. This is a good time to see your financial settings ocelotting at the frequency you want for growth.

Water  Rat

7 Dec – Jan 4

Cougar just be the month to prepare for the lion's share. There is still water but it is crystal-clear streams that you see. High in the air, the tiger lands and with rooster-sized steps, moves on up.

Earth  Ox

Jan 5 – Feb 3
The earth turns over, but no one feels the cold. It’s time to be leoparding up the mountain. Make a feline for the summit and roar at will. For roosters, finance and all else are well-aspected.