It's the new year; you open the door and you're greeted by a wall of clover. It's difficult to know whether to eat it, bask in the fragrance, or invite your worker bee colleagues over for a nectar feast. Whatever you decide, there are benefits to be had. Your creativity and desire to get to the bottom of things should find ample outlets this year, so don't sleep through them. It may not be the year you discover the six-leaf clover, but fours and fives should be garlands on your path.

Earth Pig:
05 Feb 2019 – 24 Jan 2020
08 Feb 1959 – 27 Jan 1960
Fire Pig:
18 Feb 2007 – 06 Feb 2008
22 Jan 1947 – 09 Feb 1948
Wood Pig:
31 Jan 1995 – 18 Feb 1996
04 Feb 1935 – 23 Jan 1936
Water Pig:
13 Feb 1983 – 01 Feb 1984
16 Feb 1923 – 04 Feb 1924
Metal Pig:
27 Jan 1971 – 14 Feb 1972
30 Jan 1911 – 17 Feb 1912

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Circular cloisonné vases

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Not the year to run wild, be pigheaded, or stick your tusks into anything and everything the natural world can produce. If you're going to go for a diet like paleo, make it the modern, curated version so you don't turn into a wart, hog. Those minor caveats aside, you have a fine year coming. Spend some time looking out for the elder pigs, who might find some of their robust swagger drooping a little this year.


The possibility of adding to your growing piggy bank through advances at work is clear. In addition, the light is green for those investing outside your standard channels. You will not need to hog the limelight, nor boar everyone with your strategies and cunning plans, and you will reap as you sow. Stay low key and watch those incipient wings make their presence felt. Amaze children with your uncanny ability to always win at Big Two (Cho Daai Dee) to cultivate a new generation of acolytes.


The Curly Tongue Star is hiding in your pen, waiting for your loved ones to pass by and give them a mouthful, or even better, to persuade you to do this. If you're going to have a shoat at getting along well with loved ones, then take some time out to do more than grunt at each other. A bit of play down in the mud will have you appearing a little less like a swine than this sudden loss of the usual restraint may lead others to believe.


As promised, normal service is resumed. Your ability to sniff out the truffles at work and use your smooth tongue to make the most out of being a foraging omnivore is back. You've also got the Heavenly Virtue Star coming in behind you, meaning that someone up there loves you, so make sure they've got enough loveable material with which to play.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Difficulty at the Beginning works supreme success, furthering through perseverance. Nothing should be undertaken. It furthers one to appoint helpers.
Clouds and thunder: the image of Difficulty at the Beginning. Thus the superior man brings order out of confusion.
The Forest of Changes:
When plums fruit in the winter, the country will be infested with brigands. Disturbances and upheavals follow one on the other; the gentleman enjoys no respite.
While you may be a gentleman, you're certainly not living in the land of winter-fruiting plums. Issue your own passport and appoint yourself head of the department of agriculture and forests – you get to decide which plums ripen and when they do so.