There are many ways to indulge your desire to be the focus of attention - disobeying traffic signals and enjoying a long, public discussion with the police is a reliable strategy. It will be a good year to activate your wildly impressive imitative skills, and persuade the rest of the world that you can act calmly for long periods of time, ape around a little less and have endless reserves of patience. The cosmos is turning a little cold and you might want to spend the year remaining close to your store of bananas.

Fire Monkey:
08 Feb 2016 – 27 Jan 2017
12 Feb 1956 – 30 Jan 1957
Wood Monkey:
22 Jan 2004 – 08 Feb 2005
25 Jan 1944 – 12 Feb 1945
Water Monkey:
04 Feb 1992 – 22 Jan 1993
06 Feb 1932 – 25 Jan 1933
Metal Monkey:
16 Feb 1980 – 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 – 07 Feb 1921
Earth Monkey:
30 Jan 1968 – 16 Feb 1969
02 Feb 1908 – 21 Jan 1909

Fortune direction:


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Swingin' in the Rain? There is a chance that much will rain on your parade this year, but swinging through the tree tops might help you avoid the pointy end of danger that is lurking below. The chances of stumbling and falling can be partly alleviated by only travelling in a sedan chair, and making Albert VI, the first monkey to safely return from space, your role model.


The Tai Sui stands in the middle of the seesaw, so you can choose to sit at either end. No, this is not a test to see if your personality is suited to a position in the upper echelon. Rather, it's a reflection of how this year may swing. From freedom high in the trees to scrabbling on the muddy forest floor, you have an opportunity to taste both. There's a chance that you'll end up on top by year's end, so if you’re down, keep the faith and don't turn into a howler monkey!


Build yourself a large pleasure palace with many rooms this year. Not that you'll be monkeying around so much; it’s more that your heart strings will range from sharing a magnificent charcoal BBQ and gorilla with a loved one, to sharing a plain soup simian on the stove. You'll want to be in a monkey suit and observe correct decorum throughout to have the possibility of changing misunderstanding to Miss Understanding or Mr Understanding.


Monkey prospects on the work front are very much a mixed bag. And more than in any other sector, when your own efforts may make a difference, don't chimp it. There's the Eight Executives Star gibbon you a good chance for promotion, but arrayed against it is the Shattered Star which, true to its name, seeks to macaque it all up for you. Stay low key, have patience and keep an eye out so you will not fall out of your own tree.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Progress. The powerful prince is honoured with horses in large numbers. In a single day, he is granted audience three times.
The sun rises over the earth: the image of Progress. Thus the superior man brightens his bright virtue.
The Forest of Changes:
A champion bay steed that can run a thousand miles draws the chariot for the king. Commanding his ranks with honour, the gentleman has his accomplishments.
You might find the king not prone to long-distance travel this year. In fact, he might be happy slopping about in track pants and making the odd trip to the late-night convenience store. You are the chariot, so keep yourself out of the rain and the wheels well-greased. Next year, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.