One of the advantages of having a forked tongue is the ability to carry on a single conversation from two different points of view or, alternatively, to carry on two conversations at the one time, often with yourself. That ability, when properly applied, will help you rise above the endless small bickerings that will crop up throughout the course of the year. Some may say you’re cold and calculating on the outside - let them know that it’s no more than analysis and self-regulation and they’ll warm to you.

Water Snake:
10 Feb 2013 – 30 Jan 2014
14 Feb 1953 – 02 Feb 1954
Metal Snake:
24 Jan 2001 – 11 Feb 2002
27 Jan 1941 – 14 Feb 1942
Earth Snake:
06 Feb 1989 – 26 Jan 1990
10 Feb 1929 – 29 Jan 1930
Fire Snake:
18 Feb 1977 – 06 Feb 1978
23 Jan 1917 – 10 Feb 1918
Wood Snake:
02 Feb 1965 – 20 Jan 1966
04 Feb 1905 – 24 Jan 1906

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Augmenting your fortune:

Yellow circular vases

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Prevention is better than a cure here, Asclepius. The opportunities for physicians to heal themselves will be more than enough practice for any snake. All the good food and exercise should adder up to a year of nothing that should rattle you too much. Cold-blooded you may be, but it's still your blood and best kept to yourself.


When sloughing off one project and beginning another, as a snake is wont to do, check to see that you have not accidentally cast off some of your hard-earned assets - keep an eye on expenses. The non-infrared deity - the serpentine and ever so snake-like Coupled Star - is in your neighbourhood this year and is known for 'accidentally' causing excessive expenditure under a hooded guise. Keep an eye on that and opportunities will loop around.


There is no narcissus snake, and just as well because you'll be the centre of your own attentions this year. You might find yourself twining and in-sinuating yourself into unaccustomed positions. When your loved ones ask you to wrap yourself around them, they mean neither to suffocate nor wriggle way. Allot a little more time for the cultivation of love, perhaps in that dormancy that comes on after swallowing several months' worth of sustenance.


Slightly aspected by the Tai Sui, snakes would do well to enlist a pair of arms that will help smooth quarrels and misunderstandings this year. And there she is, the Great Yin Star. You'll need to match that grace and help from a senior female figure with all the moves you have - lateral, sidewinding, concertina and the occasional small arboreal leap to get ahead this year. It's global cooling for snakes this year - move slowly and you'll make progress.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and from goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.
Thunder within the earth: the image of the Turning Point. Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes at the time of solstice. Merchants and strangers did not go about, and the ruler did not travel through the provinces.
The Forest of Changes:
Taxes are collected over and over, the government thieves from the people; the looms have nothing on them, for the people have fled their homes.
When some people's lives take a turn for the worse, they seek a scapegoat. Not finding one, who do you think they will take all that pent-up frustration out on? Well done, now that you’ve been warned, try to head off any unpleasantness by, say, using regular keys in the front door to go in and out. If you look like them, they won't see you.