Wag the tail and roar a little more, the good stars are sitting with you. The spotlight is on the stage and the audience is bellowing your name. Try to be gracious about your good fortune, all this limelight also means that others will be watching each and every word - a little too much pride or lack of clarity in managing projects will see the knives come out. Talent and hard work should equal more than the sum of their parts.

Famous Tigers:

Actor Leonardo Di Caprio and businesswoman Pansy Ho.

Metal Tiger:
14 Feb 2010 - 02 Feb 2011
17 Feb 1950 - 05 Feb 1951
Earth Tiger:
28 Jan 1998 - 15 Feb 1999
31 Jan 1938 - 18 Feb 1939
Fire Tiger:
09 Feb 1986 - 28 Jan 1987
13 Feb 1926 - 01 Feb 1927
Wood Tiger:
23 Jan 1974 - 10 Feb 1975
26 Jan 1914 - 13 Feb 1915
Water Tiger:
05 Feb 1962 -24 Jan 1963
08 Feb 1902 -28 Jan 1903

Possible issues with your liver so detoxifying your environment will help (be nice to others and consider their position). General weariness from leading projects and hard work may inflict further damage to existing conditions. But that’s about all the negatives we can find. Enjoy a year of better health than recent ones and make it a platform for those to come.


This should be a good year for you. Fake news is out and real news is in; if you’re investing make sure there are no rumours or gossip surrounding the beneficiaries of your largesse. Loans are possibly not the best way to organise your finances, and your returns will depend largely on how active you are in staying abreast of changes.


There are two stars here, the Hook Spirit star (勾神星)and the Lonely Morning star (孤辰星), which may lead from indecision to loneliness and misunderstandings. Be clear about your goals here and make sure that others are not left in doubt. Seek out those who are close to you and let them know your intentions to prevent any lingering suspicions from developing further.


There is a lot of water coming through in the stars for the next few years and this is the time to make the most of it. Businesses that are mobile and flourish in a changing environment do well and work in your favour: from a child setting up an ice cream stall in the summer to those who construct hydropower dams on raging rivers. Travel much, speak to all you can and focus, focus, focus!

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


Fellowship with men in the open. Success. It furthers one to cross the great water. The

perseverance of the superior man furthers.


Heaven together with fire: the image of fellowship with men. Thus the superior

man organises the clans and makes distinctions.


Nine in the fourth place means he climbs up on his wall; he cannot attack. Good fortune.


Organise the clans? Do this when you role-play The Godfather in a multiplayer game; only try this at home, do not try this in the real world. Your inability to attack means that no one is going to pepper-spray you - you can see why this is good fortune.

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