Remember it’s a rat race, not a dog one. You can take your time. They can poke at you as much as they like from behind the fence, but they can’t get over it, you’re safe - this despite having the Heavenly Dread star (天煞星) trailing noxious miasma into your house. Rest, relaxation and visiting spa-treatment centres that specialise in special pooches will have you in the best shape to weather the year’s unexpected events.

Famous Dogs:

US President Donald Trump; singer Madonna; Chinese tennis player Li Na; former US president Bill Clinton; actor Sylvester Stallone.

Earth Dog:
16 Feb 2018 - 04 Feb 2019
18 Feb 1958 - 07 Feb 1959
Fire Dog:
29 Jan 2006 - 17 Feb 2007
02 Feb 1946 - 21 Jan 1947
Wood Dog:
10 Feb 1994 - 30 Jan 1995
14 Feb 1934 - 03 Feb 1935
Water Dog:
25 Jan 1982 - 12 Feb 1983
28 Jan 1922 - 15 Feb 1923
Metal Dog:
06 Feb 1970 - 26 Jan 1971
10 Feb 1910 - 29 Jan 1911

All of that chasing postmen and hubcaps might turn out to be a blessing as blood pressure and digestive ailments could be waiting for their chance to pounce. How best to keep them away? Remain alert to any changes in health and react quickly. You’re normally cool-headed and can rely on that to not overreact.


More tidbits coming into the doggie bowl than going out this year and you should be feeling like the Bank of China circa 2005. Don’t squander this fine opportunity, pay down all those kennels and soft toys you’ve been playing with. Dogs work well in teams and this year is well-aspected for cooperating ventures that will succeed.


Is your love life too successful? Your fortune may change as you have the Lonesome Constellation(寡宿) come calling. It’s not going to shield you from other people, more to cause you feeling you are misunderstood; that you are is quite beside the point. You should never let being misread get in the way of a possible relationship - work, work, work on this.


Not the best time to come out of the kennel and try to jump the fence. Keep your muzzle on and fortune may turn your way. But you’ll need to keep it on tight as the possibility for petty arguments and people to throw a spanner in the works is high. You may have to endure periods of boredom and dissatisfaction, so get a non- work bone to gnaw on and don’t rise to workplace taunts.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


Preponderance of the small. Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done; great things should not be done.


Thunder on the mountain: the image of preponderance of the small. Thus in his conduct the superior man gives preponder- ance to reverence.


Six in the fifth place means dense clouds - no rain from our western territory. The prince shoots and hits him who is in the cave.


If you were thinking of changing careers, then be warned that a pretty bad year beckons, especially if you happen to be living somewhere the royal family and attendant aristocracy are not yet extinct. That said, it is well to remain low.

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