Previous Pig Years

A knife-in-the-ribs year if ever there was one in 2007; pigs might not fly, but our Rooster did a very good impersonation in 1995; some unwelcome winds huffed and puffed in mid-1983, but autumn witnessed a complete turn of events; and the index gritted its hen's teeth in 1971 and finished on a higher perch than it began.

7 Feb
Women in Switzerland get the vote
3 Mar
China launches its first scientific satellite
25 Apr
200,000 anti-Vietnam war protesters march in Washington DC
9 Jul
Henry Kissinger secretly visits China
28 Aug
The US dollar is allowed to float against the yen
13 Sep
Lin Biao dies in an unexplained plane crash in Mongolia
25 Oct
The PRC replaces the ROC at the UN
18 Nov
Five die in a plastics-factory fire in the Kowloon Walled City
2 Dec
UAE declares independence from the UK
24 Jan
Japanese WW2 soldier found hiding in jungle in Guam

An early morning stroll through the countryside, down a winding lane, had the Metal Pig lead the young Hang Seng to within sight of the local abattoir. Chops were heard all round. But the gods had other ideas and up it rose to a late summer high that all roosters would crow over. The winter saw the return of metal piggy clouds, but the index gritted its hen's teeth and pressed on to finish on a higher perch than it began.

This predates our FSI.
4 Feb
Death of poet Xiao San
8 Mar
Ronald Reagan labels the USSR an evil empire
15 Apr
Tokyo Disneyland opens
17 Jun
Highest single-day rainfall in Hong Kong for 17 years, 27.4cm
18 Jun
Deng Xiaoping becomes head of China's Military Commission
9 Sep
Typhoon Ellen smashes into Hong Kong as a category 10
24 Sep
The Hong Kong dollar slips to a record low of 9.6 to the US dollar
9 Oct
Four South Korean ministers assassinated in Burma
2 Nov
Michael Jackson releases the single Thriller
24 Jan
The Apple Mac computer comes onto the market

The Water Pig had our Rooster dancing along on clumsy trotters for the first four months. The index fell a little through the spring before climbing to a modest high in the summer. Then some unwelcome winds huffed and puffed, and a very braising autumn witnessed a complete turn of events; by early October the index was in the mud. A shoulder up saw the year finish back at the summer high.

This predates our FSI.
26 Feb
Collapse of Barings Bank
20 Mar
Sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway by Aum Shinrikyo cult
1 May
Jacques Chirac elected President of France
5 May
Death of artist and illustrator Ye Qianyu
10 Jul
Aung San Suu Kyi released from house arrest
9 Aug
Death of guitarist Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead
1 Sep
Donald Tsang becomes the first local treasurer of Hong Kong
7 Nov
Yitzhak Rabin assassinated in Tel Aviv
30 Dec
UK records lowest ever temperature of -27.2
21 Jan
The 78km long Wilson Trail opens in Hong Kong

Pigs might not fly, but our Rooster did a very good impersonation, and the index rose slowly but relentlessly. With a hock up, it gained half of its value - who said you can't put lipstick on a pig? We'd be telling porkies if we said this wasn't a classic belly-scratch of a time. The Wood Pig beat the drums all year and was presented with the key to Rooster City.

Our FSI forecast perfectly mirrored the predicted summer dip.
21 Feb
Marathon runner Kevin Lin crosses the Sahara in 111 days
26 Apr
Pandas Le Le and Ying Ying arrive in Hong Kong from Sichuan
8 Jun
The first A380 touches down in Taiwan
28 Jun
Centenary of the opening of Wing On department store
12 Sep
Former Philippine president Joseph Estrada convicted of plunder
26 Oct
Hang Seng Index breaks through 30,000
5 Nov
China's first lunar satellite goes into orbit around the moon
2 Dec
Formal incorporation of the MTR Corporation Limited
27 Dec
Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, assassinated
21 Jan
Black Monday; FTSE suffers biggest fall since 2001

In a pigsty-type beginning for investors, our Fire Pig forgot to light the barbecue. More than that, it wallowed in the muddy depths until September, at which time it found a rich truffle patch and put on around 60% in weight by early November. Then, in a truly ham-fisted performance, it bled like a stuck pig before finishing slightly above where it began. A knife-in-the-ribs year if ever there was one.

FSI took a break in 2007.