Dark handsome strangers may help you from afar or in ways you are not aware of. Although not as well aspected as last year, again there are no bickering stars in your firmament. While the pig belongs to water and you are fire, it is not as bad as it seems as the two can cooperate well; the pig provides space for you to get to work on your projects and you make it wealthy.

Famous Horses:

Former HK chief executive CY Leung; actress Karena Lam.

Wood Horse:
31 Jan 2014 - 18 Feb 2015
03 Feb 1954 - 23 Jan 1955
Water Horse:
12 Feb 2002 - 31 Jan 2003
15 Feb 1942 - 04 Feb 1943
Metal Horse:
27 Jan 1990 - 14 Feb 1991
30 Jan 1930 - 16 Feb 1931
Earth Horse:
07 Feb 1978 - 27 Jan 1979
11 Feb 1918 - 31 Jan 1919
Fire Horse:
21 Jan 1966 - 08 Feb 1967
25 Jan 1906 - 12 Feb 1907

Illness may come, but if it does, it should not be too serious. Pay attention to kidneys and everything south of them, and also to your back and knee joints. If you have concentration to spare, this is a water year and unfriendly to fire for you, so keep an eye on your heart and circulatory systems. Do your exercise near water, but not in the bath or in the rain.


Great riches are not directly coming your way, but if you can parlay some of the good fortune you enjoy in other areas, such as a promotion at work, you can boost your wealth. The autumn is well-aspected for investments that should pay off - there is a chance of some money flowing away in a public setting, perhaps your favourite charity or a night in Macau.


The Purple Fern Constellation (紫微斗數) which controls the heavens is guiding you and that portends harmonious relations at all levels and assistance from overseas. For closer partnerships, you may need patience as the object of your affections may remain blissfully unaware of your intentions or not immediately welcome them. Don’t lose heart, beginnings could come to fruition next year.


Make sure your path is clear and by the autumn you could be in line for promotion or a move to another organisation. One cloud on this horizon might be the Violent Failure star (暴敗星) which is not quite as dreadful as the name implies, though it does give rise to some squabbling. If you are promoted, you’ll need to watch your back as some colleagues may feel they deserved that position.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


The taming power of the small has success. Dense clouds, no rain from our western region.


The wind drives across heaven: the image of the taming power of the small.


Nine in the second place means he allows himself to be drawn into returning. Good fortune.


No rain in the west means that when you fly from Chek Lap Kok, you’ll not need an umbrella. Think the year doesn’t get any better? It does. You can go to visit that tall, dark stranger intent on helping you and then return, willingly.

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