The Dog Year wasn’t good enough? You want more? The stars agree with you - it’s lettuce on the cosmic house as rabbits go large. You’re now fully in the second of three fine years, the effects of the previous antagonism with the Tai Sui are behind you and more of your course should be under your control. Don’t cut corners or bed down too long in an unfamiliar hutch.

Famous Rabbits:

Chinese actor Jet Li and Hong Kong actress and singer Charmaine Sheh.

Metal Rabbit:
03 Feb 2011 - 22 Jan 2012
06 Feb 1951 - 26 Jan 1952
Earth Rabbit:
16 Feb 1999 - 04 Feb 2000
19 Feb 1939 - 07 Feb 1940
Fire Rabbit:
29 Jan 1987 - 16 Feb 1988
02 Feb 1927 - 22 Jan 1928
Wood Rabbit:
11 Feb 1975 - 30 Jan 1976
14 Feb 1915 - 02 Feb 1916
Water Rabbit:
25 Jan 1963 - 12 Feb 1964
29 Jan 1903 - 15 Feb 1904

A time to spend wisely, raising your immune levels (if you’re a rabbit there is always an epidemic on the horizon) and preparing for when years are not this well aspected. No illness-bearing stars can see you from where they sit - if you begin the New Year healthy, that’s where we might find you at the end. A few tickles on bones and the nervous system may arise, but nothing too serious.


What’s hiding down the rabbit warren this year? The Gold Cabinet star (金匱星) lives there and that’s excellent news. Considered investments should give returns through spring and summer. Two small possible sources of loss remain likely and you should be on guard against them - one from legal matters and the other from unexpected expenditure; they could be one and the same thing.


It’s quite an open year for rabbits and the heart. You can take the relationship you’re in and deepen it if inclined to do so. Or if you don’t have a love interest but would like to have one, then it’s a good time for dating just as long as you do it in June or December. The other option is to just stay home and admire your floppy ears in the mirror - the choice is yours and you must make it.


A few more carrots in the monthly wallet would be a welcome development. Water is flooding into the chart which will slow you down (ever seen a rabbit on the podium at an Olympic swimming event?). That aside, opportunities for advancing at work are quite decent and may come from unexpected quarters - even a sideways move to another field you’d not thought of.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


The well. The town may be changed, but the well cannot. It neither decreases nor increases. If the rope does not go all the way, it brings misfortune.


Water over wood: the image of the well. Thus the superior man encourages the people at work, and exhorts them to help one another.


Six at the top means one draws from the well without hindrance. It is dependable. Supreme good fortune.


You can change towns but you’ll be drinking from the same aquifer. We take this to mean that no matter where you go, you’ll have the same jug and rope: the jug holds fine wine and the rope encloses the finest picnic delicacies.

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