There is quite a lot of low-hanging fruit, but you’ll have to go to the trouble of picking it yourself. You have the Heavenly Virtue star (天德星) with you, so make the most of this powerful friend. You also have the Curly Tongue star (捲舌星) camping out in your lounge room, so either order in Sichuan food or be careful of words spoken behind your back - either way take appropriate measures.

Famous Monkeys:

HK actor and singer Nicholas Tse; actor and singer Leslie Cheung; martial artist and actor Lo Mang; politician Leung Kwok-hung also known as Longhair; film maker Wong Ka-wai; actor Tom Hanks.

Fire Monkey:
08 Feb 2016 - 27 Jan 2017
12 Feb 1956 - 30 Jan 1957
Wood Monkey:
22 Jan 2004 - 08 Feb 2005
25 Jan 1944 - 12 Feb 1945
Water Monkey:
04 Feb 1992 - 22 Jan 1993
06 Feb 1932 - 25 Jan 1933
Metal Monkey:
16 Feb 1980 - 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 - 07 Feb 1921
Earth Monkey:
30 Jan 1968 - 16 Feb 1969
02 Feb 1908 - 21 Jan 1909

Visit the doctor, even if you don’t need to. No bad health omens loom large but forewarned is the best place to be, so if you’ve been putting off a check-up, now’s the time to get it done. A little more all-round care and you should keep any nasties away. The most-aspected areas of the body may be bones and the digestive system . . . no, you cannot prevent this by just eating more bones.


Great opportunities for you as the Jade Hall star (玉堂星) comes a-wandering. Use that energy to plan a little more long term than you may be inclined. Once the science boffins cure old age, you are going to need a much better retirement fund than you already have and this is the time to start putting some of that away. Bide your time - pig stars say the end of the year will be best for you.


A better year for male rather than female monkeys! There may be a third person involved for much of this year so, conversely, we’d like to suggest you make the best of the patterns in the heavens and select polyandry whenever possible. If you’re already involved in a relationship then it might be a good time to take it further and keep all opinions on it between the two of you.


Want to get ahead? Share your peanuts. We kid you not. Sure it’s a good year for monkeying around, but you will not be the only ape in town. A little more cooperation and a hand down from someone higher up might see you rising further than you anticipated. Be accommodating and if need be ask for help - these qualities will make the best of your chances.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


Splitting apart. It does not further one to go anywhere.


The mountain rests on the earth: the image of splitting apart. Those above can ensure their position only by giving generously to those below.


Nine at the top means there is a large fruit still uneaten. The superior man receives a carriage. The house of the inferior man is split apart.


The warning is clear enough: humans were not meant to live inside large pieces of fruit. No matter how much you like the tropics, that house will soon split apart. If you just concentrate on eating the fruit, then you’ll discover opportunities to giving generously to those below are increased by an exponential factor.

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