You’ll have a great year once the spring and leftover influence of the Tai Sui has passed, as long as you can find suitable channels through which to express yourself. You also have the services of a hidden benevolent star. The White Tiger star (白虎星) is also visiting and likely to engender accidents. Clearing all your debts before the New Year will give you the best chance of remaining trouble-free through March to May.

Famous Goats:

Premier of the PRC Li Keqiang; US business magnate Bill Gates; fashion model Iman Abdulmajid.

Wood Goat:
19 Feb 2015 - 07 Feb 2016
24 Jan 1955 - 11 Feb 1956
Water Goat:
01 Feb 2003 - 21 Jan 2004
05 Feb 1943 - 24 Jan 1944
Metal Goat:
15 Feb 1991 - 03 Feb 1992
17 Feb 1931 - 05 Feb 1932
Earth Goat:
28 Jan 1979 - 15 Feb 1980
01 Feb 1919 - 19 Feb 1920
Fire Goat:
09 Feb 1967 - 29 Jan 1968
13 Feb 1907 - 01 Feb 1908

Your throat and nerves could be the delicate areas. Little to worry about compared with last year - whatever may have been ailing you should slowly disappear and become no more than a medical record. The spring might see some lingering conditions, but once summer has passed you should be back to eating your favourite thistles without any repercussions.


Investments need to be made with care. Those who are self-employed should find good returns to be had. Good work outcomes should lead to better remuneration. Steer clear of dogs and oxen; they are not your friends this year. If you’re reasonably settled, transform some of your monetary wealth into creative pursuits - the intangible returns will be worth the outlay.


After the arctic freeze on your emotional world courtesy of the Tai Sui last year, you should eventually feel as though you’ve landed in the tropics surrounded by ripe fruit. The Heavenly Hero star (天雄星) will try to get under your skin and frustrate your efforts to communicate, so don’t let it catch you napping. Travel might see you meet up with the person of your dreams.


A gentle and steady rise is in your fortunes with a guardian star protecting your path. If you add a little of your own effort to your fortunate firmament, the chances of promotion and advancing increase. Try to remember that when other colleagues have a different opinion, it does not necessarily follow that they need to be told that they are in the wrong.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


The power of the great. Perseverance furthers.


Thunder in heaven above: the image of the power of the great. The superior man does not tread on paths that do not accord with established order.


Nine in the third place means the inferior man works through power. The superior man does not act thus. To continue is dangerous.


Stay on the established paths; that will ensure that no dog business ends up on your shoes. Your predilection for dressing up as a goat and surprising family and friends is charming, without doubt, but you’ll be advised to lose the horns, as you can see from the warning above, goat-butting is fine, it just needs to be hornless.

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