Fortunes have improved since last year, even for dragons who like to interact with humans and other lesser beings. Come on down, we’re happy to have you here, and you might find that laughter and conversation suit you after all. A small warning about overspending, especially your own money; a smaller warning about overeating, especially your own food . . . you get the picture. If you’re going big, take a pal along.

Famous Dragon:

Martial artist Bruce Lee

Water Dragon:
23 Jan 2012 - 09 Feb 2013
27 Jan 1952 - 13 Feb 1953
Metal Dragon:
05 Feb 2000 - 23 Jan 2001
08 Feb 1940 - 26 Jan 1941
Earth Dragon:
17 Feb 1988 - 05 Feb 1989
23 Jan 1928 - 09 Feb 1929
Fire Dragon:
31 Jan 1976 - 17 Feb 1977
03 Feb 1916 - 22 Jan 1917
Wood Dragon:
13 Feb 1964 - 01 Feb 1965
16 Feb 1904 - 03 Feb 1905

There are no especially malevolent stars on your health horizons. The Death Amulet star (死符星) should be about as close as you need to sail to the other side, and that will mostly involve refusing invitations to funerals, much as you’d like to go, or may have brought them about. Have some consideration for your family and spend time banking some health.


Prosperity is just bread and butter for most dragons. Mix that with the year’s wealth in rumour and gossip, and this should be a time for the ages if you’re in any field to do with entertainment. There may be some small leakage around the edges you’ll need to attend to (accidentally publishing the truth if you’re in the media), but keep your fire reserved for something more important.


Hello horny one. Whiskers twitching? Should be. The scales are all tilting in your favour for a little nesting activity in your deep dark caves. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be another dragon in your sights, that hot breath of yours is going to work wonders on the objects of your affection, regardless of what type of charcoal you’re thinking of turning them into.


A perfect time for dragons to run away from home and join the circus - it’s is all about balance, balance, balance. Keep your tail firmly enough in contact with the rungs and you shouldn’t find yourself slipping, above you may be the next dragon up the queue; he or she is going to be doing the same thing. Understand? It’s dragons all the way to heaven this year.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing

(Book of Changes)


The corners of the mouth. Perseverance brings good fortune. Pay heed to providing nourishment and of what a man seeks to fill his own mouth with.


At the foot of the mountain, thunder: the image of providing nourishment. The superior man is careful of his words and temperate in drinking.


Six in the fifth place means turning away from the path. To remain persevering brings good fortune. One should not cross the great water.


Your dream of opening a restaurant where punters design their own menu and then you cook it for them is about to come to fruition. Interesting model. No doubt you’ll one day be recognised as a genius before your time. When that day will come is difficult to predict.

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