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Only one star is burning bright for you this year, while several annoying small cat-and-mouse-type stars are sitting in your path. Keeping them at bay will be like herding cats, but it cougar be that if you pad around softly and don’t change your spots, you can still be the fat cat you like so much. Now’s a good opportunity to lie in wait for prey to come to you.


No need to spend any of your lives this year. Sharp objects such as pitchforks and other people’s tongues should be held at arm’s length more than usual or you’ll look like something the cat dragged in. Avoid inferior foodstuffs and you will look just like the cat that got the high-quality cream.


If you end the year with as much in the kitty as you began, you can call that a good outcome. Opportunities for you to slip and lose that famed footing are numerous. Which direction should you be investing? The direction of necessity and that’s all! Not leaping in where tigers should fear to tread will allow you to make the best of chances that come your way.


You’ll be wanting the tiger team in your corner. Get out and mingle, but don’t be taken in by first appearances: other people may be wanting to cheetah, but they are just paper tigers. If you are already with someone, we’d be lion if we said it wasn’t going to be a good 12 months. For those thinking of tying the knot, this year you can get the cat’s whiskers.


Time to use all your lynx to those above and your colleagues to keep tabbies on who is doing what. Opportunities for promotion are not great. However, you don’t want the cold war breaking out with people pussyfooting around behind your back or you’ll end up like a cat on a hot tin roof. Rely on your own efforts, lest the cat get your tongue.

Famous tigers

Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio; Hong Kong businesswoman Pansy Ho; American singer Lady Gaga; Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Preponderance of the small. Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done; great things should not be done. It is not well to strive upward, it is well to remain below. Great good fortune.

Thunder on the mountain - the image of preponderance of the small. Thus in his conduct, the superior man gives preponderance to reverence.

Six in the second place means she passes by her ancestor and meets her ancestress. He does not reach his prince and meets the official. No blame.

Thunder on the mountain, the wolf in the forest. Grandma has those treats for you, visit her often. If hungry this year then eat your cubs, you’ll only meet the disciple, not the Buddha, but no blame is assigned. Do what you need to.

Metal Tiger

14 Feb 2010 - 02 Feb 2011
17 Feb 1950 - 05 Feb 1951

Earth Tiger

28 Jan 1998 - 15 Feb 1999
31 Jan 1938 - 18 Feb 1939

Fire Tiger

09 Feb 1986 - 28 Jan 1987
13 Feb 1926 - 01 Feb 1927

Wood Tiger

23 Jan 1974 - 10 Feb 1975
26 Jan 1914 - 13 Feb 1915

Water Tiger

05 Feb 1962 - 24 Jan 1963
08 Feb 1902 - 28 Jan 1903

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