Location, location

The flying stars bring their general attributes to bear on the nine houses they inhabit. Remember, our property spread overlays a map of Hong Kong, and the influences are the same if applied to your home or office. At what scale the advantages or disadvantages need to be attended to is in your hands.

It is always a difficult task to keep the heavenly property dogs leashed and stable. They are likely to run off and lick the face of unsuspecting prospective buyers. Slopping all that good fortune into your ear, before you know it, you own a tower block, or at least the mortgage on one. There are some safe guard dogs here though: the centre and the northwest both come with our top Great Dane ratings, while the hangdog, live-under-a-bridge mutts are going to be due west and north. For all other directions, you will need to make a call on what type of property you want and what you want it for. Much as we are against bringing any semblance of rationality into this, you may want to talk to a financial advisor.

In the North, maleficent forces are crowding in - best to steer clear, or stock up on copper and gold as defence. Sharp crystals are indicated in the West to protect against bodily afflictions. The Single White star bestows love in the Northwest so this is the place to be if you want to pop the question. The Six White brings fame and fortune in the Southwest and there's plenty of wood to stoke the fire in the South. The argumentative Seven Red resides in the East so grab an all-purpose gourd to keep you out of harm's way. The Southeast has our Beagle rating, so not so bad. Avoid petty people in the Northeast, the jolly joker, the Three Emerald, will place them in your path.

Great: Great Dane
Good: Labrador
Not so bad: Beagle
Avoid: Chihuahua
Home elements: Metal
Annual star: Water 1
Zodiac sign: Dog NW1/Pig NW3
Water and love this year,so for those who've been wanting to date a merman or mermaid, this is the time to make your move

Single White, the colour of love if you happen to be an imaginary star, sits in the northwest this year. A little separated from the Tai Sui and other maleficent forces, if you wish to pop the question to your beloved or just make relations a little better, then the northwest is where you'll want to be. To aid this lovely star, get some plants in water.
Home elements: Water
Annual star: Earth 5
Zodiac sign: Rat N2
Red and yellow in the north will invite disaster, we can't think of anything with those colours, so all is good

The Five Yellow and Three Killings are crowding in. Copper and gold things are good measures against these evil forces, as are clocks made of either of them, as the Five Yellow will be attracted to the metal element. This star can bring pestilence and arguments. If the Lo Wu border guards insist that you've died, it's best to agree and scan yourself through.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Wood 3
Zodiac sign: Ox NE1/Tiger NE3
Make the most of this year of squabbles by joining your local debating society

Gracing this quarter is the jolly joker, the Three Emerald, querulous and capable of fostering dissent and placing petty people in your path. If you're a petty person, expect to be assailed by even pettier people. You need to get green things out of this section of the house, Meanwhile, if the top end of Sai Kung catches fire, it's all in the master plan.
Home elements: Metal
Annual star: Earth 2
Zodiac sign: Rooster W2
Mild illnesses drop by this year, if you feel the need to cough, then face the west

The Two Black stops by in the west and the mixing of metal and earth means this star will be more potent than usual. It brings afflictions to the bones, spleen and middling sections of the body. To protect yourself in this direction avoid red, purple and green, and emphasise blue and black items. Sharp crystals are also indicated.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Fire 9
Zodiac sign: All and One Together
You now own the compass that points towards what will make you happy, don't drop it

Nine Purple is the star here this year - it doesn't get any higher or more august than this. To fully reap the positive power of this chap, you need airflow. Keep the reverse-cycle airconditioning on and it will bring you luck and possibly some decent returns if you buy shares in electricity providers. If the Kam Shan Country Park comes up for sale, make an offer.
Home elements: Wood
Annual star: Metal 7
Zodiac sign: Rabbit E2
Not strong this year, and metals are indicated. If you're using your fillings to pick up radio signals, you'll need to get a little altitude

Seven Red is a known argumentative star with a fondness for military solutions to problems. There are measures you can take to counter this influence, for example, putting blue things in the east. Sai Kung and its surrounds are quite well protected by the ocean as long as it stays blue. Or grab an all-purpose gourd to keep you out of harm's way.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Metal 6
Zodiac sign: Goat SW1/Monkey SW3
Outdoor activities and military concerns . . . really? What did you think hot-air balloons were for?

The Six White star, seeker of fame and fortune, will bestow good fortune for those running a business in entertainment, lighting or a restaurant in Lantau. Despite koi being a good thing to have, you'll not want too much red - go for the gold ones instead. It's also going to help if you have some sort of high-pitched noise in the area such as a fire alarm.
Home elements: Fire
Annual star: Wood 4
Zodiac sign: Horse S2
You see that number? Join it with literary activities and happily spend the year reading the obituaries

The Four Green drops by with some wood to stoke the fire. If you're thinking of studying the property market or working in real estate, this is the star for you. Make sure there is no metal south of you as we expect lobby groups to push for the introduction of strings of copper ‘five-emperor' coins so they can turn the star's influence around.
Home elements: Wood
Annual star: Earth 8
Zodiac sign: Dragon SE1/Snake SE3
The most potent star this year influences earth. If mud wrestling isn't yet in your calendar, it should be

Eight White resides this year so keep a nice uncluttered shrine here - this imaginary star will appreciate it and pay you back with lots of money. If you think money is going to drop out of the sky, or at least from your upstairs neighbours' floors, then there's no harm in placing red and/or purple ceramic or wooded vessels in this area on auspicious days.