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You may have the Tai Sui crossing your path, but leave him be and you’ll find the year one of bucolic bovinity. A little care and you’ll steer around those pats left by others. No charging like a bull at the gate, calf yourself down and don’t get angus with every small annoyance. Instead, take stock of the situation to put yourself in prime position.


Strong as an ox? That may be the case, but nonetheless a busy year of work and relations means you need to watch your food and drink. Digestive dramas may be coming your way, but given all those stomachs, as long as you put them to their proper use, you’ll not be afflicted with anything serious. But do see someone if your sleep patterns are awry.


Why buy a cow when you can milk it for free? Good question, except that it is someone else’s cow and the milk that flows your way should be through standard channels, lest the Tai Sui gets a hint of what you’re up to. You’re no cash cow this year, but a little rumination before you invest or collect will ensure what’s yours will stay yours.


It’s a good year to stick your head into the next shed and moo at anything that pleases you. A relationship that begins may bring a lasting love. Take care to follow those well-worn buffalo tracks as the side paths are full of the lowing and bellowing masses. No sacred cows ahead - if you don’t watch your words and actions, there will be a stake in your steak.


The mythical sage Lao Zi left through the western pass on an ox. You may regard yourself as the bearer of philosophy or gnomic utterances but should you press them too far, your colleagues will have a beef with you. Best you sweeten them with your wide eyes and oxen tongue or you may find yourself an ox in the ditch.

Famous Ox

Former US President Barrack Obama; actors George Clooney and Richard Gere; musician Bruce Springsteen.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Modesty creates success. The superior man carries things through.

Within the earth, a mountain - the image of modesty. Thus the superior man reduces that which is too much. He weighs things and makes them equal.

Nine in the third place means a superior man of modesty and merit carries things to conclusion. Good fortune.

When Confucius was inspecting the ancestral temple of Duke Huan of Lu, there was a vessel that inclined to one side. He asked, ‘What kind of vessel is this?’ The caretaker replied, ‘I believe it is the warning vessel that sat on the right.’ Confucius said, ‘I have heard of such a vessel: if empty it inclines; if half-full it is upright; and if completely full, it overturns . . . so the way to maintaining fullness is by ladling out.’

Earth Ox

26 Jan 2009 - 13 Feb 2010
29 Jan 1949 - 16 Feb 1950

Fire Ox

07 Feb 1997 - 27 Jan 1998
11 Feb 1937 - 30 Jan 1938

Wood Ox

20 Feb 1985 - 08 Feb 1986
25 Jan 1925 - 12 Feb 1926

Water Ox

03 Feb 1973 - 22 Jan 1974
06 Feb 1913 - 25 Jan 1914

Metal Ox

15 Feb 1961 - 04 Feb 1962
19 Feb 1901 - 07 Feb 1902

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