Sector Highlights

Watch for opportunities on a month by month basis
In assessing the sectors, we concentrate on the relative strength of each of the elements as they cycle through the five phases, or wu xing in the respective monthly charts.
Great Dane: As gentle giants, rising head and shoulders above peers, the wood sectors - pharma and consumer - look best.
Labrador: A decent year for fire-related industries such as telcos/internet, technology and utilities. There's just enough earth in the charts to keep property, resources and renewables grounded this year.
Beagle: Some good months in the second half for the water sectors, casinos and transport, but the first half will see them dog-paddling to keep their heads above water
Chihuahua: The year is not one for metals to bark with the exception of the high summer months. Banks and financials are likely to underperform.

Sector selection based on five phases


Someone threw a spaniel into the water works this year, so this is not the time to run away and join the circus - this profession belongs to water and its troupe will have to dog-paddle just to keep heads above water. With frozen meats also hounded and held under, we're expecting a three-dog night for most of the summer. Fur sure you'll want to get your paws wet come the autumn when you lose that hangdog look.


Your voice is going to get a little husky from all the cheering - greyhounds and any other colours are all in the mix. Consumer, pharma and paper industries should be getting a leg pup, and anything that comes in boxers should be pointering out. Take a lead from the bank manager, throw away the muzzle, flea the constrictions of the cage and open the gates - it's no bull, dog.


Like a bull terrier at a gate, fire-related industries such as telcos/internet and technology should be howling through the spring. Yapping along for much of the rest of the year, those related to the colder months may well find there's a little more food in their bowl, so everything from deep-space technologies to the Winter Olympics will have a bit of a springer in their corner.


There's just enough earth in the charts to keep the earthen industries grounded this year. Spring through to midsummer sees the construction and the collier industries flourish, so poodle your resources for that. The rest of the year is mutting to get excited about, but from October to January you may hear a little yowling as the doggies go along the ridgeback of the year.


Metal comes with our Hang Seng Rooster, so financials and machinery will always have a place in the Hong Kong kennel. That said, this year is not one for metals to bark, and with the exception of the high-summer dog days and early autumn, don't expect more than a whimper. Banks and financials, two noteworthy antidog environments, are also likely to underperform from the previous two years. Poop to them.