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The chance of endless nagging means you need to get out and catch the offender by the scruff of the neck before they influence your year too much. The Tai Sui and other nasties are hovering, but no cause to whine. Buck yourself up and butt on. The Curly Tongue star is also visiting, so while travel is in the offing, perhaps avoid the area around Beijing.


It’s not the time to kid around or pass the buck. Cleanliness in food is important, especially in the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth lunar months. It’s a good year to exercise early in the morning to keep the nasties at bay through the rest of the day. If you need to work on past normal hours, make sure you drink plenty of water and no illnesses will get your goat.


The hard scrabble of earning an honest dollar opens up in front of you. That path can be climbed with your nimble and sure-footed abilities to get a toehold and barrel on up. It looks like a good year for goats involved with shipping or travel, but for those involved in everything else - if an opportunity comes for travel or shipping, don’t stew, take it up.


The stars of love have weakened - not a bad thing as you can concentrate your energies on milking the possi-billy-ties that come your way. Play the goat as you wish, nothing bad will come of it, but let’s state the bleating obvious: your little psycho episodes don’t really endear you to loved ones, past, present or future.


There are likely to be numerous obstacles at work - that’s what your horns are for, right? For muzzling those who would speak out against you, outflank them in an udder triumph. Or you could just hoof it off to a quiet place in the office and let that ungainly rump deal with themselves. That will save you much withering annoyance.

Famous Goats

Premier of the PRC Li Keqiang; US business magnate Bill Gates; fashion model Iman Abdulmajid, Italian sculptor Michelangelo; actresses Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Work on what has been spoiled has supreme success. It furthers one to cross the great water. Before the starting point, three days.

The wind blows low on the mountain: the image of decay. Thus the superior man stirs up the people and strengthens their spirit.

Nine at the top means he does not serve kings and princes, sets himself higher goals.

Wind blowing low on the mountains and across the great water: that’s the image, if you think fishing, sailing or surfing during a typhoon is appropriate, who are we to argue. We’ve plenty of joss and will burn you a fair deal at your funeral. The superior man stirs up . . . if you’re cooking, a little less baked and steamed foods would be the place to start.

Wood Goat

19 Feb 2015 - 07 Feb 2016
24 Jan 1955 - 11 Feb 1956

Water Goat

01 Feb 2003 - 21 Jan 2004
05 Feb 1943 - 24 Jan 1944

Metal Goat

15 Feb 1991 - 03 Feb 1992
17 Feb 1931 - 05 Feb 1932

Earth Goat

28 Jan 1979 - 15 Feb 1980
01 Feb 1919 - 19 Feb 1920

Fire Goat

09 Feb 1967 - 29 Jan 1968
13 Feb 1907 - 01 Feb 1908

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