Asset Management

Established in 1995, CLSA Capital Partners is the alternative asset management arm of CLSA.

With approximately USD3 billion in funds under management and seven offices across the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, CLSA Capital Partners offers a diversified and increasing range of investment vehicles. CLSA Capital Partners is wholly owned by CLSA and works closely with the other units of CLSA. This relationship provides CLSA Capital Partners with unique access to Asia and its decision-makers; hard knowledge of what is really happening and strategic insight into future trends through CLSA's Asia offices, independent research and investment banking teams.

Funds currently under CLSA Capital Partners' management are:

ARIA Investment Partners

Pan-Asian private equity funds providing growth and expansion capital to Asian mid-market companies.

Fudo Capital

Pan-Asian real estate investment funds.

Sunrise Capital

Japan-dedicated private equity fund, capitalising on opportunities in the mid-cap sector.

Clean Resources Asia Growth

Pan-Asian clean resources, private equity growth capital fund.

Pacific Transportation

Pan-Asian shipping and logistics private equity fund.

Nexen Global Co-Investment Fund

Global industrials investment fund (co-investment with Nexen)