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Investor Forums

CLSA’s investor forums are renowned for their original content, comprehensive corporate access and actionable investment insights.

A platform for knowledge exchange, CLSA’s investor forums examine the economic, political, financial, environmental and technological trends impacting global markets today.

Held annually in Hong Kong our flagship event, the CLSA Investors’ Forum, has established itself as a must-attend event for institutional investors invested in Asia-Pacific markets and the region’s largest corporates.

The 26th CLSA Investors’ Forum will be held from 9 to 13 September 2019 at The Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. Once again, we will present delegates with actionable ideas against a backdrop of continuing reforms overhauling the investment landscape.

Gathering experts in technology, health, environmental and social issues, together with geopolitical specialists and global finance and economics gurus, the conference will deliver thought-provoking insights and challenge norms and perceptions for five days. For CEOs, CLSA Investors’ Forum represents the ideal stage to deliver their corporate message to new and existing investors.

Over the past 25 years, scores of world leaders have acknowledged the power of CLSA audiences, using our Forums to deliver their political and economic messages directly to those investors that make a difference in their markets.

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