Providing US and global investors analysis of corporate America.



Serving US fund managers investing into Asia for more than 30 years.

CLSA’s team of dedicated, award-winning professionals provides equity research, sales, and execution services to global corporate and institutional investors.

Since 1986, when CLSA established a presence in North America to serve fund managers investing into Asia, the Americas team has grown substantially and today, boasts the largest dedicated Asia-markets sales desk in North America.

In 2009, CLSA initiated coverage on US equities. Our award-winning US equity research is complemented with robust trading and execution services. Regional coverage trading teams support clients in the Americas while IT systems allow us to take advantage of transformative changes in technology and provide straight-thru-processing to better serve clients.

As a full service agency broker, CLSA Americas provides investors customised solutions to ensure they achieve their execution objectives in the tradition of service excellence, product innovation and award-winning market intelligence.


High-impact, fundamental analysis of US listed companies.

CLSA America’s research team leverages CLSA’s core strengths and broader research capabilities in Asia and China to produce differentiated research on US equities.

More than 20 senior research analysts in the US cover the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotives
  • Banks & Finance
  • Beverages & Household Products
  • Chemicals
  • Coal, Steel, Metals & Mining and Railroads
  • E-commerce, Global Media, Internet
  • Energy
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Machine Tools
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Packaged Foods
  • Paper & Forestry
  • Restaurants & Protein
  • Technology
  • Tobacco


Focused on global sectors with unique Asia and China read-through, our high touch sales teams in the US provide clients with the advice and attention that clients need to strategically position their portfolios.

CLSA Americas has one of the largest dedicated Asia-markets sales desks in North America. Our experienced team of sales professionals proactively monitors capital markets around the world, offering clients multiple ways to track and execute equity transactions on foreign exchanges.

Our global sales team of talented specialists is focused on equity markets across Asia, China, Australia and Asean, working seamlessly with those professionals dedicated to the US equities markets. Our dominant presence in both Asia and China has led to unparalleled access to both public and private Asian corporates, creating a significant competitive advantage for our US clients.


US Sales Services include:

Research : Sales teams leverage CLSA’s differentiated research, facilitate access to independent industry and company specific reports, and highlight structural and tactical changes that fit into client specific event driven investment strategies. Sales professionals make recommendations and identify global thematic views and insights across asset classes.

CLSA U: Partnering with our dedicated CLSA U team, sales professionals work with clients to gain access to independent experts providing perspectives on industries and trends unfiltered by CLSA analysts. As a CFA Approved Provider, CLSA offers accreditation for participation in its professional courses.

Corporate Access: Partnering with equity research professionals, sales teams help organize and plan unique industry and thematic trips based on empirical fact finding and understanding. Trips are hosted both within the US and globally.

Trading and Execution

CLSA Americas offers a full suite of execution services throughout North America and Latin America.

Sector Trading: Our experienced team of sector specialist traders works closely with their research and sales counterparts locally, as well as with colleagues in Asia, to offer clients actionable trading and investment ideas.

ADR Trading: CLSA’s agency-only effort in the US works closely with our overseas counterparts in the creation and cancellation of Asia-based, US equities. As an agency-only delegate we pass along 100% of the optimized trading results to our clients and are agnostic with respect to where commissions are generated. Trades can be settled on a net or gross + commission basis locally or in the US.

Portfolio Trading: Comprehensive access to Developed, Emerging and Frontier markets to meet clients’ portfolio trading objectives, with a focus on pre-, intra- and post-trade tools and seamless, straight-through processing capabilities. The business is strategically located within CLSA Americas in New York and in six other cities around the globe: London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul & Singapore.

Electronic Trading: Our comprehensive suite of algorithms and smart order routing solutions provide clients with sophisticated tools for intelligent access to lit and dark liquidity. Un-conflicted, transparent routing and intelligent anti-gaming techniques help clients to minimize market impact and achieve best execution.

Equity Derivatives: CLSA adds value by devising options-based strategies that overlay market theses on the volatility surface to implement positions with superior risk-reward profiles. Our team of seasoned professionals offers deep, smart cross-product coverage and volatility content. We are adept at sourcing liquidity to minimize execution slippage, and work closely with clients to efficiently customize risk management solutions.

Commission Management Services: Our CMS program provides solutions for fund managers to increase the efficiency and performance of their business by expanding the reach of their commission dollars. Our reputation for exceptional service, reliability and competitive rates has made us an excellent choice for the needs of the investment community.

Corporate Access

Connecting US corporates with domestic and global investors.

CLSA Americas provides investors with access to leading US and global listed companies through a comprehensive, award-winning, corporate-access program of CLSA Investor Forums, access days, corporate roadshows and company visits.

In 2015, CLSA Americas organized over 600 roadshows and hosted over 6,500 hours of meetings with investors through non-deal roadshows, group meetings, field trips, and company conference calls.

In harnessing our global market expertise, the CLSA Americas corporate access team ensures our clients derive maximum value from attending our events.


Institutional investors continue to recognize CLSA Americas for its efforts in providing insights and adding value to clients’ investment process.

2016 Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards

  • No.1 Overall Analyst Awards for Top Stock Pickers – Thomas McCrohan
  • No.1 Top Stock Pickers in Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals – Avi Silver
  • No.2 Top Stock Pickers in IT Services – Thomas McCrohan
  • No.2 Top Stock Pickers in Metals & Mining – David Lipschitz
  • No.2 Top Stock Pickers in Energy Equipment and Services – David Havens
  • No.2 Top Earnings Estimator in Metals & Mining – David Lipschitz
  • No.3 Top Stock Pickers in Software – Ed Maguire
  • No.3 Top Earnings Estimator in Auto Components – Emmanuel Rosner


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CLSA Americas is providing this data to institutional investors for informational purposes only.

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For investors based in the United States:

In the USA, CLSA is represented through its US broker-dealer affiliate, CLSA Americas, LLC. U.S. customers should contact CLSA Americas, LLC which acts as the 15a-6 agent for all CLSA Group entities.


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