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CLSA ranked Most Independent Research Brokerage for the ninth year in Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2011

16 November 2011

Hong Kong – Wednesday, 16 November 2011 - CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets (‘CLSA’), has retained the No.1 position of Asia’s leading independent research brokerage, since it was first ranked in 2002 in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll, a survey of more than 4000 institutional investors from approximately 2300 institutions.

CLSA’s undisputed research capability is attributed to the integrity of individual research analysts, who embrace CLSA’s independent research philosophy to provide no single ‘house view’, but a ‘house of views’. CLSA equity strategist Christopher Wood was voted again the No. 1 Best Strategist in Asia, the ninth time since 2002 and Laurence Balanco ranked No. 1 Best Quantitative/Technical Analyst for the fourth consecutive year.

CLSA gained 12.84% of investors’ votes for its rank of No. 2 Overall Combined Research & Sales for Asia (ex Australia & Japan), a 0.41% of difference to the top place. CLSA’s solid regional capability also secured No. 1 Overall Regional Sales for Asia (ex Australian & Japan) (No. 1 in 2010, 2009-07), No. 1 Best Overall Regional Sales Services for Asia (ex-Japan) and No. 2 Overall Regional Research for Asia (ex Australia & Japan) (No. 1 in 2010, 2009-08).

CLSA also received excellent results in Australia and Japan markets, where it moved up the ranks from No. 7 to No. 3 in Australia, and maintained the No. 2 position in Japan for Overall Combined Research & Sales.

This year, CLSA topped No. 1 Best for Bespoke Research in Hedge Fund services, and gained No. 2 Best Regional Brokerage for Execution.

Overall, CLSA secured more than 70 No.1 positions in research, sales and sales trading which include, but are not limited to:

No.1 Best Regional Individual Analyst
- Strategist: Christopher Wood
- Quantitative/Technical: Laurence Balanco

No. 1 Best Regional Team (ex Japan)
- Strategy
- Quantitative/Technical
- Consumer Discretionary

No.1 Best Overall Country Research
- Hong Kong, India, The Philippines and Thailand

No.1 Best Analyst by Country
- Japan: Paul Wan

No1. Best Salesperson by Country
- Australia: Maureen Baker
- India: Sujay Kamath
- Indonesia: Wuddy Warsono
- The Philippines: Alex Dauz
- Thailand: Munmun Taveeratanasilp

No1. Best Overall Sales Services by Country
- Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and The Philippines

No.1 Best in Sales Trading by Country
- India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore

No.1 Best Overall Execution by Country
- India, Indonesia and The Philippines

No.1 Most Improved Brokerage over the last 12 months by Country
- Australia and The Philippines

No.1 Best for Events and/or Conferences
- Hong Kong, India, The Philippines and Thailand

No.1 Best for Roadshows and Company Visits
- Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Thailand

In July 2009, CLSA was awarded No.1 Best Broker in Asia-Pacific (ex Australia and Japan) over the past 19 years in the Asiamoney 20-year Poll-of-Polls, which ranked the top 20 brokerages in Asia based on their Overall Combined Regional Research and Sales results from 1990-2008. CLSA was also ranked the Best Brokerage in Asia-Pacific in Asiamoney’s 15-year Poll-of-Polls in 2004.

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About Asiamoney 2011 Brokers Poll

The Asiamoney 2011 Brokers Poll surveys global institutional fund managers across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, it continues to be the largest poll of its kind for the Asia-Pacific region. This year, the poll attracted a total of 4,431 investors from over 2,300 different institutions.