Sector Report

Global internet – Secrets of social media

by Oliver Matthew / Aug 1, 2019


The fast-paced advancement of technological products greatly increases the potential for novel varieties of advertisements.

Voice command and search beginning to gain momentum
Voice commands and search has seen a substantial rise recently with over 100m new users regularly putting the interface to use in the past few months. Though the media often portrays voice activity to be through smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, most comes through mobile voice commands such as Siri. As voice continues to grow as a search medium, advertising companies are struggling with issues such as product and brand naming, as well as monetisation of search results.

Facebook still a dominant platform among teenagers
Despite media portraying Facebook to be a platform mostly for an older demographic, recent statistics have shown that it is still the most popular platform for teens. Roughly 5m new teenagers opened accounts over the past three months. The advertising audience of Facebook is now nearly the same as that of Instagram and Snapchat combined.

Advertising companies expanding to new locations
With 5G making an entry in Korea, the nation has already seen a 146% yearly increase in average mobile speed. It appears that 5G is delivering on its promise, and thus countries that currently have slow internet speeds will soon have access to more content. From an advertising perspective, this broadens horizons greatly.