Thematic Report

Beyond Beyond Meat

by Charles Yonts, CLSA / Jun 12, 2019


Cattle country
If cattle were a country, they would be the world’s third-highest emitter of greenhouse gases.
The strain on water and land from meat production is likewise extraordinary and getting worse. Plant-based protein promises to be a solution. Beyond Meat claims that its Beyond Burger uses 99% less water and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases than a similar beef burger.

David Yeung and the push to replace pork
We hosted a lunch with David Yeung, the Asian distributor for, and investor in, Beyond Meat, as well as many other vegan ventures. David’s company Right Treat has developed Omnipork, a plant-based alternative to pork that it is looking to launch in China in 2H19. The focus on this particular meat is both obvious from an Asian perspective (Chinese eat about seven-times more pork than beef) and timely given the spread of African Swine Flu.

Competition will be fierce as big food relearns how to innovate
Beyond Meat and Omnipork are competing in an increasingly crowded field of plant-based-protein startups, such as Impossible Foods, which features in Redesigning life, Shaun Cochran’s new CLSA-U Blue Book on synthetic biology. David sees room for myriad competitors catering to different regional tastes and cuisines, as plant-based protein pushes into the US$1.4tn global meat market.