Market Outlook

Asia Pacific – CG Watch 2020

by Seungjoo Ro / May 17, 2021


Brighter prospects for sectors across Asia
The past year represented a huge wakeup call for mankind as the pandemic ripped around the planet and shook much of the corporate world. As rays of sunshine seemed to break through, all too often the storm returned. Perhaps our latest CG Watch is timelier than ever, and we are pleased to report that its findings give us hope: As the world has increased its focus on environmental, social and corporate governance issues, Asian companies are rising to the challenge, beginning a genuine process of looking inside to build sustainable growth.

A new approach for a new world
Climate change, how organisations are governed and the role they play in helping communities are issues that are now front and centre of investor attention. To meet demands for deeper insights, for the first time we have split our roles with the Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) to produce two unique reports: While ACGA provides analysis from the market perspective, we have focused on a granular look at each sector, comparing their strengths and weaknesses in all pillars of ESG and selecting key companies and themes for more in-depth research.