Information Technology / Sydney

“My job satisfaction comes from being able to find a solution or workaround to get people out of trouble …”

Hometown: Surry Hills
Joined CLSA: 2010
Interests: Fishing, All Blacks (New Zealand’s International Rugby Team)

I was born in Dalat in the central highlands of southern Vietnam and left there when I was only six months old, so I did most of my growing up in the vibrant inner city suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney. I also lived in New Zealand before moving to Australia, so despite growing up in Australia, I still support the All Blacks!

Going into university I had a career in construction and property development in mind but changed to Information Technology after my first year of studying Construction Management at Newcastle University, where I had more exposure to computers. I studied IT at TAFE in Sydney and then earned industry certifications with Microsoft and Cisco through self-study. From that point, I’ve done most of my learning on the job.

My role at CLSA is essential for the business. I’m the resident IT support person who makes sure everyone is able to go about their jobs with minimal interruptions caused by technology which can vary from minor inconveniences to critical issues with monetary impact. As well as responding to cries for help, I am also involved in planning and testing to actively prevent problems.

I first heard about CLSA when a recruitment company got in touch with me after I’d applied for a job online. I saw joining CLSA as a career step that would greatly broaden my knowledge and skills. I had also just become a first time Dad so I had to start thinking in the long term!

Each day is a juggling act where I’m managing issues, expectations and constantly changing priorities. Being in a support role, it’s my job to make sure things are well maintained and running smoothly so the business can function. I really enjoy helping people and solving problems so my job satisfaction comes from being able to find a solution or workaround to get people out of trouble. One of the best things about working at CLSA is the people you get to work with and the endless supply of challenges.

Sydney is a relatively small office of around 50 people so you feel like you’re part of a closely-knit team. This also extends to colleagues in other offices, even though you have never met them face-to-face.

My biggest learning curve continues to be the way technology moves, you are forced to learn things on a regular basis and every time it changes, I find myself learning and adapting to each situation.

My proudest achievement to date is very clichéd, I know, but it was becoming a Dad (both times).