Asset Management / Hong Kong

“Any smooth day without a problem is a fine and sunny day! ...”

Joined CLSA: 2004
Hometowns: Hong Kong and Vancouver
Studied: Finance and Management Science/Information Systems with a minor degree in Economics
Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin

The challenge that first attracted me to CLSA was being asked to be part of a new start-up real estate fund that included an energetic boss with vision. I’d heard about CLSA from an ex-colleague and at the time I knew CLSA was one of the most famous research houses in Hong Kong. 

Helping set up that fund from zero and participating in all the different stages of the fund’s growth has been the biggest learning curve in my career and it’s also been my proudest achievement to share the success of Fudo Capital L.P.

My job at CLSA Real Estate Fund – Fudo Capital is an administrative supporting role to the funds. You need to be able to multi-task and have problem-solving skills to be able to handle a range of duties from accounting to finance, tax and compliance and audits, as well as managing investor enquiries. I’m also involved in deal and asset transaction support and investor reporting so that keeps me busy every day. But working with a fun team, you never get bored. Any smooth day without a problem is a fine and sunny day!

The rewarding part of my job is seeing the success of the funds, getting compliments from the boss and having a not so bad salary either. Working at CLSA has helped strengthen my problem solving skills and given me wider exposure to different markets.

CLSA is a great place to work, its branding, the many nationalities that work within the organisation and its wide exposure make it stand out from other places where I have worked. It’s got a nice warm environment with helpful and friendly colleagues and it fosters a culture of integrity and a sense of social responsibility.

I really didn’t think too much about a career path while I was young. My childhood was spent living in Hong Kong and I moved to Vancouver to go to university to study finance and economics. I’m Canadian by nationality and speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I ended up moving into the private equity fund business where logical thought processes I learned during those academic days plus my past work experience in a private equity fund, helps me a lot in my current role.

I’m always dreaming about a work/life balance. After a day at the office, I unwind by cooking and enjoying a good meal. My other interests include travel and charity work including being involved with Food Angel, Sunshine Action, OldFriendStar (a project involving visits to senior citizens), Feeding HK and HandsOn HK.

The best advice I could give graduates seeking a career in finance is to ensure you really enjoy tight deadlines and know how to cope with pressure.