Equity Sales / Hong Kong

“My advice to graduates seeking a career in finance would be to say, do it because it’s your passion...”

Hometown: Shanghai
Studied: Business, Sydney, Australia
Interests: Running the Shen Shu Yi Foundation charity
Sporting achievements: Completed the 4 Deserts race and more!

I worked in a number of organisations before deciding to join CLSA in 2014. My decision was based on three factors; it had great people; was a good research and corporate access platform, and gave me the opportunity to get back to the sell-side of the business.

CLSA’s culture encourages independence and flexibility, allowing everyone to do their job in their own style. The core principles of excellence, innovation, integrity, inclusion and celebration definitely apply here.

My career path changed as I went through university. Initially I wanted to work in the hospitality industry and I studied hotel management for two years, subsequently transferring over to studying business. I knew I wanted to be in finance, but I wasn’t sure which field I wanted to be in.

My advice to graduates seeking a career in finance would be to say, do it because it’s your passion! Don’t do it just because you think it’s a cool industry to be in.

Expect anything and everything market related on a typical working day that starts around 6.30am and ends around 6.30pm, five days a week. My role is to promote CLSA, to increase CLSA’s share of revenue within the industry by showcasing CLSA resources to clients, as well as generating ideas that add value to our clients. Account management and helping our team is another important part of my job. There’s very little about the role that draws on my academic qualifications. Everything I’ve learnt about sales is either self taught or picked up on the job, fast.

I love the market. The most rewarding part of my job is when I am acknowledged by both CLSA and clients for a job well done, and when I am adding value to the desk as a whole.

The biggest learning curve in my career has been learning account management and how to contribute to the desk.

My proudest personal achievement was getting married and completing the 4 Deserts Race Series, one of the world’s leading endurance events. A family friend mentioned this race to me and so I checked the website and thought it would be a great way to see unique places and I figured out it would also be a good mental and physical challenge. I began the race in 2008, ran the Gobi, Sahara and Atacama deserts and completed the race in Antarctica in 2010. I also raced in Sapa, Vietnam and volunteered in the Nepal race. However, when it comes to professional goals, I have to say my proudest achievement is still a work in progress.

It’s certainly possible to have work/life balance in this industry but that’s up to an individual’s own interpretation. For me, yes there’s definitely a balance, when I’m not involved in my charity work, I enjoy outdoor activities like paddling and hiking. I’ve travelled a lot, somewhere around 40 countries at last count. Spending time with my wife helps me to unwind after a day in the office. 

I run the Shen Shu Yi Foundation, a charity that’s named after my mother. We aim to promote basic education for underprivileged kids, in a non-traditional way. We’re trying to inspire these children and broaden their horizons by visiting businesses in Hong Kong. So far, we’ve visited the Asia Society, Hong Kong Rugby Union, the South African Consulate, eBay, Nike, CLSA and Hogan Lovells, as well as taking the kids to an educational screening of Invictus.