Research / Hong Kong

“I’ve developed close relationships with clients, and I hope they value my input ...”

Hometown: Hong Kong
Studied: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Joined CLSA: 2011
Languages: Cantonese, English and Mandarin

I first heard about CLSA in Germany during my exchange semester via a friend who was an intern at Credit Agricole. One of the reasons I ended up joining in 2011 was out of curiosity. I thought that technology industry research sounded very interesting.

It’s hard to pin point the specific academic skills I draw on each day, I think my whole academic experience was just one of many things that prepared me for my role as a Senior Investment Analyst.

A typical working day for me involves dealing with emails, phone calls and sometimes meetings with clients to discuss investment ideas and company updates. Internally, we pitch our latest ideas to sales and traders for them to disseminate to clients or get trades. Within the team we discuss new flows, work on projects and generate ideas. I closely monitor hardware technology trends and I’m particularly interested in how they could be turned into investment ideas. I read a lot of news, check out blogs, talk to industry experts and meet with companies and summarise my findings in research papers for investors.

My research helps clients in their decision making process. I’ve developed close relationships with clients, and I hope they value my input and trade with us in recognition of the insight I’ve created for them.

One of the most rewarding parts of this job is when a client finds my research helpful, and I’m recognised as the go-to person in certain sectors.

Progressing from a support role to an analyst role has been the biggest learning curve of my career to date. I have to say my boss has been very supportive during the whole process.

CLSA has a culture of innovation and integrity. In my experience, people are kind and resourceful. We have an open office and our colleagues often share ideas. Although I’ve only worked for one other company before CLSA, I do appreciate that this company has a flat management hierarchy, is supportive and resourceful.

Making the business pages of the South China Morning Post for the Feng Shui Index, was I have to say, one of my proudest achievements to date – it really was! And standing on stage for the first time as a presenter at the 2014 China Forum was another proud moment.

I’m not the best at achieving a work/life balance but I do try to keep one day out of the week just for me. My usual routine is I try to get some sleep between Monday and Thursday and take the time to have a nice dinner and reconnect with friends on Friday. I enjoy trying new sports and eating at new restaurants as well as travelling.

Finance is a huge industry, for research in particular, and my advice to graduates seeking a career in it would be to know your accounting. Be curious and learn new things, so instead of spending hours over the weekend cramming for your Chartered Financial Analyst exams, spend some time on a hobby, learn a new sport and keep in touch with people. And there are always many more things to learn while you’re working too!