Alternative Investment

Innovative access to Asian investment themes in a global context


CLSA Alternative Investment specialises in hedge fund strategies, offering superior, uncorrelated rates of return and downside protection for investors. Focused on Asia with a global outlook, the business combines the spirit of an investment boutique with the infrastructure of a global institution.

The investment team is known for its thought leadership in Asian and global investment themes as well as expertise in structuring intelligent risk around those opportunities.

The CLSA Alternative Investment business benefits from a broad range of infrastructure and administrative support functions globally across the CLSA network. The net effect is a force multiplier for the business to have greater capacity to pursue its mission and service to investors.

Our Business

CLSA Alternative Investment seeks to identify opportunities presented by market dislocations and structure risk to extract value for investors. An ambition to continuously improve and evolve ensures the business generates enduring value for its global client base.

To consistently perform throughout the business cycle, the investment approach is to screen-out noise and identify alpha. The team has a broad base of experience in structuring risk from a variety of strategies. A key differentiator is the collaborative nature of the investment process, which encourages synergies across strategies and asset classes.

After operating in multiple geographies throughout their careers, the team is fluent across languages, cultures, and market environments. The investment process benefits from this international experience, which enables strategies to be informed by a global perspective. Core values of risk management are ingrained in the firm’s culture along with the instinct to challenge assumptions, test scenarios and control for systemic shocks.


Liam Stevenson, CFA is the Chief Investment Officer, Head of CLSA Alternative Investment and has over 20 years of experience in asset management.

Liam was previously head of Credit Suisse’s European Convertible Bond business where he was responsible for the firm’s multi-billion dollar proprietary trading portfolio, client franchise activities and capital markets pricing. Strategies employed by Liam’s team at Credit Suisse included volatility, capital structure relative value, event driven and distressed debt. While based in Europe, Liam operated with a global scope, investing into Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as Asia and the Americas.

Liam has also worked at Goldman Sachs in London both as a convertible bond trader and as a senior hedge fund salesperson in convertible bonds, credit and equity derivatives.


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