Responsible Investing


Providing clarity on environmental, social and governance factors.

CLSA’s award-winning research, events, investments and corporate initiatives, provide visibility on environmental, social and governance issues impacting the mandates of socially responsible investors.


CLSA works closely with investors incorporating ESG factors into their investment process.

Our Sustainable Research team writes about core corporate governance (CG), the environment and social issues to provide global asset managers insights into the companies, sectors and themes influencing investment mandates.

CLSA’s research covers topics from water pollution to climate change to labour rights, drawing on the connection between ESG and corporate earnings risk. The core of our ESG research is the CLSA Corporate Governance score.  Since 2001, CLSA has scored listed Asian companies on corporate governance issues.  Factors influencing the score are reviewed annually in partnership with the Asian Corporate Governance Association.


CLSA’s renowned Investor Forums, corporate access days and the CLSA University programme provide platforms for knowledge exchange on environmental, social, governance (ESG) related trends, theories, technologies and services.


CLSA’s asset management and corporate finance businesses consider ESG issues.

Asset Management

CLSA’s alternative asset management business, CLSA Capital Partners, is committed to thorough consideration of ESG issues in portfolio company investments. The fund managers work against self-prescribed ESG guidelines and those developed by the US Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC)*.

In 2009, Capital Partners launched Clean Resources Asia Growth Fund to partners with innovative companies in the clean technology sector via the provision of capital for growth and expansion. The fund focuses on sustainable agriculture, water, recycling, energy efficiency and cleaner energy.  For more information on this fund click here.

Corporate Finance

As facilitators of institutional investment, CITIC CLSA Securities incorporates ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes wherever possible, aligning both fiduciary and governance requirements.