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Environmental Management

Environmental awareness is also deeply entrenched in CLSA’s corporate culture.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we adhere to ISO14001 certification while employing a number of reduce, reuse, refuse initiatives.

ISO14001 Certification

CLSA was one of the first brokerage and investment group in Asia to achieve ISO14001 certification in 2007. Since then, other offices in the CLSA network have been certified; Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Manila, Mumbai, Seoul and Singapore. We now have a group certification for these offices.

ISO14001 requires an established Environmental Management System (EMS) under which we monitor and reduce consumption of materials, energy and water and monitor indoor air quality and take action to reduce our carbon footprint.

As part of the CLSA EMS we have an established Environmental Policy that mandates compliance with the relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which the company operates. The Policy requires conformance is monitored and certified by a third party.

Corporate Initiatives

CLSA is focused on reducing, reusing and refusing as part of our environmental policy.

Waste disposal – Wherever possible we segregate our waste and recycle newspapers, plastics and aluminium. These are collected from the office by authorised vendors who clean and separate the materials ready for recycling.

Plastics reduction – In most offices water filters have been installed to eliminate the use of plastic water dispensers. This is both healthier and reduces the potential waste of large plastic water bottles and the associated delivery costs. We are providing reusable plastic chopsticks and metal cutlery in the office pantry to avoid the use of disposable wooden and plastic cutlery.

Vendor Auditing – CLSA suppliers are asked to complete an annual questionnaire to determine their environmental activities. We ascertain if they have an established EMS, if they are ISO certified, if they recycle their waste products and if they document evidence of their environmental controls. This is conducted by all offices.

Community Initiatives

CLSA employees support numerous environmental initiatives each year through an active community engagement programme.

From beach clean ups and tree planting to recycling of electronics, clothing and books, staff participate in community initiatives to reduce our impact on the planet. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Earth Hour
  • World Earth Day
  • Tree planting
  • Beach clean ups
  • Urban Farming
  • Tree adoption
  • World Ocean Day
  • Reduce food waste