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We provide our clients with in-depth analysis of the environmental issues facing Asia’s rapidly developing economies and coverage of 'green-tech' companies seeking to find alternative energy solutions.


CLSA was one of the first financial firms in Asia to write about pollution, carbon trading and the “greening” of Asia. Our analysts regularly tackle the topics of energy generation, storage & efficiency, pollution, emissions, waste and alternative energy sources: water, wind and sun.

CLSA also has a Clean & Green score to measure a company’s SRI and CSR performance in order to assist fund managers focused on socially responsible investment. Criteria measured include business behaviour, corporate governance, community involvement, environment, human rights and human resources.


Through CLSA U, we engage industry experts to offer investors alternative perspectives on environmental trends that may impact their investment decisions. Our tailored courses and co-published reports cover topics such as the solid-state-lighting revolution, the rapid rise of bio fuels, carbon-emissions trading, diminishing water resources, rising air pollution, the peak-oil theory and the emergence of public activism in China in relation to increasing environmental concern.
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CLSA Investor Forums

CLSA’s renowned Investor Forums provide another platform for building awareness of environmental trends, theories, technologies and services in Asia and beyond. In 2006, former US Vice President Al Gore chose the CLSA Investors’ Forum in Hong Kong for the launch of his movie An Inconvenient Truth in Asia. Since then, we have heard from others such as Raj Patel, author, Stuffed and Starved and energy expert Peter Tertzakian, author of A Thousand Barrels a Second. 
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