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CLSA's new report evaluates risks and challenges posed by Asia air pollution


According to Asia’s leading brokerage house CLSA Asia-Pacific Market’s new pollution report The air we breathe, which examines Asia’s energy and environmental situation, while annual concentrations of several major pollutants are gradually showing a downward trend over the long term, enjoying clean air remains a major challenge. In terms of air quality of nine Asian cities, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo enjoy better air quality than Bombay, Delhi, Hong Kong with Shanghai and Beijing lagging last.

Commissioned by CLSA, the Civic Exchange report notes that with steady growth, China is likely to increase its energy consumption by 150% by 2020. China’s vehicles numbered at 2 million in 1980 have already increased almost 10 times by 2002 to 18 million with 2030 projection exceeding that of the US. In India, vehicles have increased by 245% since 1984 to 10.7 million in 2000. The larger the number of vehicles, the higher the consumption of automotive fuels.

“It is well known how important energy is for economic prosperity and the important of protecting the environment and in particular air quality. The close connection is often lost – energy is the most difficult part of the environment problem, and the environment is the most challenging aspect of the energy problem,” said Christine Loh of Civic Exchange and report author.

The energy challenge requires Asian markets to:

  • boost domestic energy production where possible
  • secure long-term supplies
  • develop a better Asia oil market and build stockpile
  • switch to cleaner fuels (such as natural gas and biofuels) and use clean technologies such as flue gas scrubbing, coal liquefaction and gasification
  • maximise energy efficiency in vehicles, furnaces, factories, offices and homes
  • invest in renewable energy including hydro-electric, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass
  • note what opportunities there are with the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol

With Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou likely to grow into the largest urban settlement area in the world reaching 50 million by 2030, there is a call for efforts to take multiple actions to ensure much cleaner production of energy. A consequence of taking a “business as usual” approach will mean even worse air quality. Hong Kong already has poor visibility on average of every five days as a result of worsening air pollution which will impact public health and the economy, even depressing the long term value of residential sites.

“Many business people are expressing serious concern about poor air quality. To clean up, effective action must be taken by industry and government. The good news is that Tokyo and Los Angeles, two of the most polluted cities in the 1970s, have managed to clean up. So must be in South China,” Loh said.

Business opportunities for investors include resource exploration, refining capacities, gas infrastructure, oil/gas market development and the development of biofuels and renewables. Technologies in reducing emissions, creating super-lightweight materials for vehicles and the production of hybrid and gas-powered vehicles and ‘hypercars’ are also marked as good growth areas for investment as well as services on energy efficiency design.

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